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  1. hockeycop

    Stephen King/Richard Bachman: Blaze

    Blaze is the last book that Stephen King wrote as Richard Bachman. King calls it a trunk novel. Back when he wrote it, it was not good enough to publish, but now it is (Maybe it’s because King can write a recipe for vegetable soup and sell 5 million copies). In any case, Blaze is not a great...
  2. hockeycop

    Mary Shelley: Frankenstein

    I was surprised to find out this book didn’t already have a thread. Everyone’s familiar with this one even though you may not have read the book. Dr. Frankenstein finds the key to creating life (reanimating a dead body). He successfully brings life to a man. The hideous deformity and scars...
  3. hockeycop

    Kathy Reichs: Cross Bones

    Anyone read this book? Kathy Reichs is Canadian, but lives in both Montreal and North Carolina (I think). The series 'Bones' is based on the characters in her books. In this story a Jewish man that ends up dead. Turns out he was also involved in selling illegal religous artifacts. In this...
  4. hockeycop

    John Grisham: Playing For Pizza

    Has anyone read this Grisham book? It's a fun, easy and short read. Being from Italian decent, I can relate to the entire food part of the book. Grisham spends a lot of time describing local food in Parma (The place where real Parmasan cheese comes from). I wish it came with recipes though.
  5. hockeycop

    He shoots....He scores!!!!!

    Hi Everyone. A special hello to all the Canucks out there.