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Search results

  1. liv

    Neil Gaiman:The Graveyard Book

    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/27/books/27newb.html?_r=1&8dpc It has won the Newberry Medal! Congrats to Neil Gaiman!
  2. liv

    Joe Abercrombie and The First Law trilogy

    Right now I'm in nearing the end of the second book, Before They are Hanged, and I am still enjoying it. It's not extremely epic, so don't go in expecting that, but he really delves into his characters, and that is what makes the books so entertaining to read.
  3. liv

    Jennifer Fallon

    As soon as I get some extra income, I'm planning on ordering the rest of The Tide Lords series. Sillyorangecat - If you are looking for authors on par with Fallon, I would recommend Juliet Marillier, Sara Douglass, and Sharon Shinn.
  4. liv

    Ray Bradbury

    If you got the right director, I think Fahrenheit 451 could turn out all right. Hollywood has the potential to make great movies, but most of the time they turn them into complete crap. I do think the message it gives is something that should be reiterated in our time. I also second the vote...
  5. liv

    Jennifer Fallon

    I totally understand that! Well, hopefully things will fall into place and you'll get to read it soon!
  6. liv

    Joe Abercrombie and The First Law trilogy

    I just recently picked up The Blade Itself, so when I finish, I can't wait to discuss it!
  7. liv

    Jennifer Fallon

    Mulluane - have you read any of Tide Lords yet? I have to say so far it's my favorite of her works. Which is saying a LOT.
  8. liv

    Neil Gaiman:The Graveyard Book

    This book is definitely on my Christmas list. I LOVE Neil Gaiman.
  9. liv

    Laugh Out Loud Funny

    Anything by Terry Pratchett. Especially any of his novel's from Death's point of view.
  10. liv

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    I love this! I am in 1939-1943 Nazi Germany, with a fist-fighting Jew and a little German book thief. Oh, and Death.
  11. liv

    Ray Bradbury

    And thankfully he is more original than Stephen King. Not hard to beat, though.
  12. liv

    Ray Bradbury

    Years and years ago, I read From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I liked it just the same. Not enough to go off and read the rest of his works, however. This past summer, I decided to pick up an old, battered copy of The Illustrated Man. I...
  13. liv


    This is so interesting to me, as the novel I'm currently working on has a dystopian setting. I just wanted to put in my two cents that Brave New World is definitely my favorite dystopian work, and if you want to check it out, there are a LOT of great dystopian films, such as Equilibrium. But...
  14. liv

    Patrick Rothfuss: The Name Of The Wind

    Anyone had a chance to read this recently? What are your thoughts? The second book is coming out in April.
  15. liv

    Jennifer Fallon

    She is FANTASTIC. I just recently read The Immortal Prince and can't wait for the next book! I love that all of her series are so different. It's so hard to create an entirely different world, and she creates a new one for each series. Absolutely amazing. And commendable.
  16. liv

    Looking for Fantasy Lovers' Expertise

    I second Greg Keyes, Jennifer Fallon, and Sara Douglass. And add to that Juliet Marillier and Carol Berg. They are all definitely the kind of authors you are looking for if you like Sharon Shinn (she is probably my favorite author). It seems we have very similar taste in books. Also, if you...
  17. liv

    Stephenie Meyer

    My recommendation? Read 'The Host' first. Or instead.
  18. liv

    Terry Pratchett

    Death is one of my all-time favorite characters. I also like the Luggage quite a bit.
  19. liv

    Patrick Rothfuss: The Name Of The Wind

    It is definitely not a waste. You'll be very glad you bought it, I'm sure.
  20. liv

    Book most like Harry Potter?

    Oooh yes, I had forgotten about the Lost Years of Merlin series. T. A. Barron is fantastic. His newer, adult novels are great as well.