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Search results

  1. Eva

    History Channel's The Bible

    At last! The Larouchies downtown have someone to compare Obama to besides Hitler.
  2. Eva

    History Channel's The Bible

    I really wanted them to do the Tower of Babel, but they went straight from Noah to Abraham. Noah's accent made me think, "Why didn't they just get Sean Connery?" <3 Of course, I never watch the History Channel for history. That would be dangerous. What they're doing with the Bible is...
  3. Eva

    Coffee Table Books

    My bookshelves were creaking from the weight of all the coffee table books I buy remaindered or used. Now I keep them on the bottom shelves of all my bookcases. I like large format books--or "folios" as we call them in the library biz--of art, exotic places, animals, astronomy, castles, and...
  4. Eva

    Which e-reader do you own?

    My first e-reader was my iPod Touch. Ah memories. I also got a second-hand Sony PRS-700, which I still use sometimes. It doesn't have a lot of modern conveniences, but I think the readability is still unsurpassed. Other than that, I use my tablet or my phone, mainly with the app from my...
  5. Eva

    Book Collecting and the folks who indulge

    My housemate is a bit of a carpenter. Whenever she's looking around for a project, she'll ask me, "You need another bookcase?" The answer is always yes.
  6. Eva

    What do you think about "fifty Shades of Gray"?

    Hmm, I removed the automatic link for "fifty shades" three times. Please ignore it.
  7. Eva

    What do you think about "fifty Shades of Gray"?

    I just got a cookbook called Fifty Shades of Chicken. Yes, really.
  8. Eva

    Bookless libraries

    Books are expensive to maintain in the library setting. Secretly, librarians have been dreaming about the paperless library since long before I was born, let alone before I became a librarian myself. Electronic information sources will never be totally intuitive--ever--so actual humans will...
  9. Eva

    Random Question..Keep posting

    "Yuppy, know thyself." I am one, so yes, I know one. At what age does the y in yuppy have to be dropped?
  10. Eva

    Random Question..Keep posting

    This What's the biggest snowperson you ever made?
  11. Eva

    Anyone collect or read Judaica books? I have some here.

    Librarian to the rescue. A little fancy searching and: It's the Shulchan Aruch (shool-CHAHN ah-ROOCH; the ch is pronounced like Bach). It isn't the Talmud, but it's a later code of law. The set you have there isn't complete.
  12. Eva

    Happy birthday ABC!

    Slightly belated Happy Birthday!
  13. Eva


    Most people have an aversion to textbooks. It's quite healthy, in fact. Try it on some other kinds of books and see if the symptoms manifest.
  14. Eva

    Is it fine to hyphenate a phrasal verb?

    Technically, what you're talking about is a dash. A hyphen joins two words; a dash separates phrases. Your sentence should be punctuated like this: In my eyes a hyphen will anchor--make the thought tidier--the sentence. However, that's very awkward. A verb and its object shouldn't be...
  15. Eva

    Happy Birthday Sparkchaser!

    Belated Happy Birthday.
  16. Eva

    We have first contact!

    It's a cookbook. Or, it's an announcement about how life could function on other planets, not about how we've caught it doing so.
  17. Eva

    Does size matter?

    Like all too many men, the smiling Mr. McCrum doesn't understand that it isn't the size, it's how you use it. If the piece is compelling, we'll be willing to spend a long time with something that big. He's really just complaining about bad versus good, worthwhile versus monotonous, awkward, or...
  18. Eva

    Happy Birthday Libra6Poe!

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes.
  19. Eva

    Arthur Miller: Death Of A Salesman

    Thanks. Since posting that question, I've seen a TV production with Dustin Hoffman that I think brought out some of the amusement you're talking about, especially with Charley and Bernard.
  20. Eva

    Teacher assigns Bret Easton Ellis; gets fired

    A quick Googling indicates that Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road while he lived in Ozone Park. Whoaaa--better not assign that in the local high school.