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  1. The.Zahir

    Authors with "one hit wonders"

    Yes, I can certainly confirm the above statement that "The Perfume" by Patrick Süßkind is a great book. I did not read the other ones but they are said to be not as nearly as good, well, perhaps even not good at all. I don´t know of any other "one time hits" in literature... so I hope this...
  2. The.Zahir

    Warrior of the Light Online

    Actually the website "Warrior of the Light" seems to be something apart from author Paulo Coelho´s general "Official Site". In the online magazine "Warrior of the Light", the author posts his recent columns, mostly those which have appeard or will appear in newspapers around the world. I find it...
  3. The.Zahir

    Favorite 3 books of all time

    Perl S. Buck, "Peony" Paulo Coelho, "The Alchemist" Franz Kafka, "Meditations"
  4. The.Zahir

    Which magazines do you read?

    I subscribed the literary newsletter by my favorite author Paulo Coelho. It is sent to my mail-box twice a month. It great (and quick) to read, no ads and for free. I really enjoy it! Cheers :)
  5. The.Zahir

    recommend a book plz

    I agree, "Sophie´s World" is a great book. But also any book by Paulo Coelho, in particular "The Alchemist" - if one is reflecting on one´s path in life - or "The Manual of a Light Warrior" - if one is in need of inspiration and encouragement. In fact, it does not even have to be the paper...
  6. The.Zahir

    Anna Karenina

    The film of "Anna Karenina" that I have seen is with Ingrid Bergmann. I only know that version and it is beautiful! I love the shadow-light play in old films! "Desire is not what you see, but what you imagine." Paulo Coelho´s newsletter http://www.warriorofthelight.com...
  7. The.Zahir

    Favorite Movies

    "Casablanca", of course... and a strange film which was very artful and came out about ten years ago: "Orlando". I don´t know the names of neither the director of the film nor of the actress but it is a film that I can´t forget and which impressed me greatly. "Desire is not what you...
  8. The.Zahir

    On-line magazine: SciFi

    Paulo Coelho´s Literary Online Magazine I love Paulo Coelho´s newsletters. They can be found in the archive section of his Online Magazine "Warrior of the Light" at http://www.warriorofthelight.com "Desire is not what you see, but what you imagine." Paulo Coelho´s newsletter...
  9. The.Zahir

    Why you would never read trashy romance novels

    Hm, this is easy to answer: I don´t read trashy romance novels because I simply don´t read trashy novels AT ALL! I stay with classical literature and some selected authors of the present time and of the last century. Plus I love South-American Literature. If you would ask me if I like to...
  10. The.Zahir

    An article about owning too many books (?!)

    On owning too many books I find this discussion very interesting. Personally I would not manage to give away my books. I just can´t. Each of them has a "story" of when I bought it and under which circumstances I read it. What I have made of it etc. But sometimes we can´t decide. Life decides...
  11. The.Zahir

    King Arthur type books?

    I can recommend you as well the books by Marion Zimmer Bradley. They are great! She did a wonderful research and her writing is most suggestive. I did not expect less of a very good work on the King Arthur´s legends!!! :) "Desire is not what you see, but what you imagine."...
  12. The.Zahir

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Though I have known for quite some time - actually since last summer (2004!!!) - that the new novel by Paulo Coelho would be entitled "The Zahir" I had a chance to buy Zahir only recently when it was published in my country a month ago. Great read!!! On Coelho´s website you can find the...
  13. The.Zahir

    Mozart historical fiction?

    Ladyjune, there is also a very remarkable book that has been written a while ago. It is entitled "Mozart´s journey to Prague" (original title: "Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag") and was written by Eduard Mörike, who is one of the finest writers of German literature! You will certainly find...
  14. The.Zahir

    Paulo Coelho

    Paulo Coelho - the "Phenomena" Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has long proven to be a special phenomena as a writer. After having been an excellent student when it came to writing texts and after a remarkable career as a song writer for famous singers, among them Raúl Seixas, in his homecountry...
  15. The.Zahir

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    ..oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me: Grahame Greene - he´s divine! and during some time, at high school, I really loved to read Guy de Maupassant. He has a very fine irony that I only understood years afterwards in its full extent. He is a master in observing the rules of society. Paulo...
  16. The.Zahir

    How many books do you own?

    I still have plenty of books and cherish all of them. It would be the hardest decision one could ask of me to give away some of these books. They are part of me and I need them for reading and re-reading but also for my life-long "studies". I think it is important to continue studying even if...
  17. The.Zahir

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    There are really many writers, poets and philosophers - even psychologers - who I love to read. Franz Kafka is a permanent love. But then there are "phases" in which I am more into one or another writer. Among the women writers, I have a fix liking as well, it is Pearl S. Buck for her book...