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  1. Dawn

    Are you following the war in Iraq?

    I've noticed that no one has broached this contraversial subject. Are you following the war? If so, how? Internet sites, TV, newpaper? All of the above? Who do you think has the most balanced coverage? I've been flipping between CNN and Fox News here in the the states. I've also been...
  2. Dawn

    What are you reading - March/April?

    I closed the thread "What's your current read" because it was becoming long and, quite frankly, not current anymore. So...what are you reading now? I'm reading The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.
  3. Dawn

    George R. R. Martin

    I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the Fire and Ice series, which is supposed to come out in April. I may have to reread the others to refresh my memory. Anyone else interested in Martin? I like his writing style and his characterization. Everyone has depth. He has created a very...
  4. Dawn

    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    I saw it last night. What a rush! Has anyone else seen it yet? The CG of Gollum was fantastic. I was duly impressed.
  5. Dawn

    Disagree with ending?

    Have you ever been thoroughly disgusted with the ending of a book? If so, were you enjoying it up until the ending or were you struggling all the way through, waiting and hoping for the pay off?
  6. Dawn

    To start things off: Favorite books

    Welcome to the new Teen and Young Adult forum! I hope we will attract readers of all ages who are interested in this genre. Let's start things off with some of your favorite books. This doesn't have to be literary rocket science. It can be your guilty pleasure, if you are so inclined...
  7. Dawn

    To read or not to read. That is the question.

    I'm a very impatient reader. If a book does not hook me in the first two chapters or so, I usually give it up. How about everyone else? How long will you stick with a book before deciding it's not worth the trouble? To read or not. That is the question.
  8. Dawn

    Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time

    Has anyone read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan? I've visited web sites and forums dedicated to the series, but they're just a bit too intense (OK I'll say it, obsessive) for me. I'd love to discuss them here, however. Seems a safer place. :p :p
  9. Dawn

    August BOM . . . vote people!!!

    Come on everyone!!! We now have 94 members and only 6 votes for August Book of the Month. Time is running out. Darren went to the trouble of posting a poll and we're not doing our part. If only 6 people voted, are only 6 people going to participate? I surely hope not. Let's get...
  10. Dawn

    Help! Virus problem

    Ok, so this is way of the topics of books, but I'm desperate. I have this virus that I thought I cleaned, but it's still giving my problems. Does anyone know a good forum for such things? Just in case someone here might be familiar with dealing with viruses, I'll describe my problem. It's...
  11. Dawn

    Mary Doria Russell

    Although she's relatively new on the scene, she's one of my favorite authors. Ms. Russell has only published two books to date...one more to be out in December. "The Sparrow" was her first. Any fans?
  12. Dawn

    Hi all!

    My name is Dawn and I'm a born and raised New Orleanean. I lived for a couple of years on the Atlantic Coast...Melbourne, Florida, and a couple on the East Coast...Oxnard, California. But My home will always be New Orleans. There is a saying here, "You can take a New Orleans girl out of New...