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  1. nomadic myth

    Economist or Guardian Weekly?

    Daily papers overwhelm me, and monthlies leave me hanging. I need a good weekly. I find Time and Newsweek boring and light. I'd like to get MacLean's, since I'm Canadian, but I find it boring too. I can't just go to the newsstand and sample as I'm in Korea, and English mags are sparse...
  2. nomadic myth

    Contacting an Author

    I've been doing some research, and one of the authors I've been reading a lot of has some intriguing ideas I want to find out more about. In all the research I've done on the subject, including numerous books by that author, there is nothing else available about those ideas. So, I want to...
  3. nomadic myth

    Lapham's Quarterly

    Anyone else thinking about subscribing to Lapham's Quarterly? It looks pretty good. It will be contemporary issues commented on with historical materials. So we have thinkers like Tolstoy, Homer or Einstein talking about "States of War", which will be Volume 1, Issue 1...
  4. nomadic myth

    Getting Into Shakespeare

    I want to read more Shakespeare. I've read maybe seven or eight of his plays, and all for school throughout the years. I can't seem to pick him up for pleasure reading. How can I get inspired to read and enjoy his plays?
  5. nomadic myth

    Christopher Paul Neil - One Sick Puppy

    You have probably already seen the news about this guy. If not you can read about him on the link below. http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2007/10/17/thai-warrant.html It's quite a big deal in Korea because it's the last country he was working in before he fled to Thailand last week. First I...
  6. nomadic myth

    Need to Choose a Fantasy Book

    I'm teaching an advanced ESL reading class, and the students and I agreed that we would read a fantasy book. The only specifics are that it can't be Harry Potter, Narnia and maybe Tolkien (students' request). I'll have to read it before them so that I can decide on the analysis and activities...
  7. nomadic myth

    Censorship (librarians, teachers)

    Do you think librarians, school librarians, or teachers should practice censorship? I honestly don't think so, but I'm sure city hall might like to influence the decisions of municipal libraries if there were something really controversial happening, and school boards certainly influence...
  8. nomadic myth

    Paul Theroux: Dark Star Safari

    I'm reading this now, and it's the first time I read anything by Paul Theroux. It's a bit long, but I'm having a good time with it. I guess I enjoy his writing style and narrative because I look forward to picking it up each time. I like his jabs at just about everyone he meets; they are...
  9. nomadic myth

    What's Real

    Here's something that I've been thinking about lately. When I teach and discuss books with my middle school students, sometimes they say - "That book is OK, but it's too unrealistic." Then I ask them what book they would rather read and they say - "I don't know. I like fantasy books, so maybe...
  10. nomadic myth

    Hermann Hesse: Demian

    Anyone else find this book stunning? I think the Pistorius sections are a little dry, but I'm very drawn to Demian's character. The idea of being in touch with your most inner self, and not in a modern touchy-feely way, but in an unleashing of power way, is very inspirational. I think...
  11. nomadic myth

    Rating System

    I couldn't decide where to put this. Threads in the General Book Discussion can't have an 18 put on them, so I decided on here. I'm in charge of stocking my middle school and high school library with English books. Because I'm in Korea and our school is one of the few schools in the country...
  12. nomadic myth

    Fair Use

    I'm in the research stage of writing a non-fiction book. Why am I writing it? Mainly for personal reasons and for a mentor of mine. I would like to publish it someday but probably just through a small publisher because it is mainly of local interest to my province of origin. Regardless of...
  13. nomadic myth

    Some "High" Level Non-Fiction Titles Needed

    I'm making a huge book list for my school's students. I'm at a school in Korea where the students' English ability is well above average. They're very much at the point where they are reading original texts. I have three levels on my list: intermediate, high, and advanced. Most areas are filled...
  14. nomadic myth

    Typos or Mistakes in Books

    Okay, I realize this might qualify me as over-sensitive, but here it goes. How often do you find mistakes in books, and does it bother you? I guess it doesn't really bother me, except in certain situations. Usually I just pencil a correction and continue. If it bothers me, I pencil a...
  15. nomadic myth

    Making a Book List for Korean Students

    I just started a new teaching job here in Korea, and I need some help. Previously I was teaching language at regular public middle schools and elementary schools, so everything was pretty basic. Now I'm at an elite middle school with a high percentage of students who are moderately fluent in...
  16. nomadic myth

    The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, or Harper's

    Which magazine should I subscribe to? I just want to stay on top of things in a more intellectual way than from newspapers.
  17. nomadic myth

    Graduate School, Research, Professor

    I'm currently in Korea settling into marriage and fatherhood. In my college days I did a BA with a major in English Literature, and now I'm five years into the world of ESL teaching, but planning on going back to school in a few years. I want to get my MA and Ph.D in English Lit., and become a...
  18. nomadic myth

    Wolves in Literature

    Any books with wolf situations you know about? How were they portrayed? I just finished My Antonia, and there is a recollection by one of the characters of life in Russia. There had been a wedding in a neighbouring village, and when the wedding party was returning to their home village they...
  19. nomadic myth

    Margaret Atwood: Wilderness Tips

    I just finished reading this collection of short stories, and found it mostly wonderfully enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed "Death by Landscape". I'm interested in people versus nature, and this story had some new ideas for me. However, I found the story "Hairball" to be the most...
  20. nomadic myth

    Books to Read with My Son

    My son is about a year and a half old now, and I'm a compulsive reader. I'm going to have to start reading with him, but I don't think he will go for Conrad or Nabokov. I need some books I will enjoy that I can read with him. Beautiful art, literary qualities despite the age level, and stuff...