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  1. readsalot

    YA Book Recommendations (early 2014 edition)

    Meadow made me do it. I find myself repeating a lot of suggestions, so I might as well throw 'em all in one thread so I don't accidentally put it on a 2002 thread :-P This will mainly be YA but also include adult books that are YA safe. YA fantasy - Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill YA fantasy...
  2. readsalot

    #1 Ladies Detective Series by Alexander McCall Smith

    I've only read one or two of them, but I've heard the whole series on audio CD. These books are awesome. I actually don't like Smith's other series, but this one is definitely worth diving into.
  3. readsalot

    Ashlynn's Dreams

    Edition 2 just released. The kindle version will be free on Monday Feb 25 and Tuesday Feb 26, 2013. Otherwise, it's $1.99. The paperback, kitted with the spiffy new cover is $9.99. It's technically a YA science fiction book, but it's totally adult safe, promise. :popcorn:
  4. readsalot

    Taylor Stevens: Vanessa Munroe series

    Just sort of stumbled across these in the library the other day and was impressed by the characterization. Has anybody else read this author? What do you think of her? Her own story is just as interesting as the book she wrote.
  5. readsalot

    My first crack at Paranormal YA

    Here's an excerpt from Redeemer Chronicles: Awakening. Let me know what you think. Sorry about the formatting issues. PM me if you'd like to be a beta reader once I get the first draft finished (estimated finish time is about a week.) Chapter 1 Vic Victoria Saveron Temporary Camp, Foot...
  6. readsalot

    Writer's Got Talent contest

    Hey, of course I'd like you to vote me (Julie), but even if you don't check out the list of authors. Writers Got Talent: Vote For Your Favorite Author
  7. readsalot

    Heartfelt Cases 1: The Collins Case

    The Collins Case This is a mystery featuring 2 FBI agents and some crazy cases that come their way. It's a $0.99 kindle, but it's free if you have Amazon Prime. If you PM me, I am also willing to email you a copy if you'd prefer Word doc and can pay via paypal. Alternatively, I'm...
  8. readsalot

    TV - Book Crossovers Series

    Hey, what is your favorite book-tv or tv-book crossover series? Which do you like better, the tv show or the books they inspired or were based upon? The few I can think of immediately are (TV-Books): Castle - Nikki Heat series Rizzoli and Isles - series by Tess Gerritsen with same title (the...
  9. readsalot

    Mass Effect Series

    Is anyone here waiting for ME 3 to come out?
  10. readsalot

    Death's Acre by William Bass, Jon Jefferson

    Death's Acre is a fascinating look at the Body Farm and how it got started. Basically, that's the place where they set bodies out during different conditions to gather data on decomposition. This helps forensic experts figure out how long a body's been out in the elements in different...
  11. readsalot

    Not For Sale

    I'm not really a nonfiction fan, but this book is a very interesting read about the state of human trafficking in today's world. Highly recommended for anybody interested in learning more about slavery.
  12. readsalot

    Brandon Sanderson

    The Mistborn Trilogy was a lovely series.... perhaps on the long side, but great all the same. It's fantasy but believable. The Way of Kings was all right too. I haven't read any of his other works besides starting to read Alloy of Law.
  13. readsalot

    The Spellmans ... Lisa Lutz

    Anyone ever heard of these books? I think there are 3 now. I'm reading the 2nd... the Curse of the Spellmans. Totally funny books. Reminiscent of the Stephanie Plum books.
  14. readsalot

    Star Wars Fanfic...Olianna Keeoli, Jedi

    Hey all, would love your opinion on this piece. It's just fanfiction. Some of my friends said since I'm a writer and a crazy star wars loving fan I should indulge in fanfic... so here is the result of peer pressure. “May I please speak with Dee-four?” I inquired sweetly of the protocol droid...
  15. readsalot

    Thursday or Friday ???

    Is Thursday or Friday evening a better time to hold a book signing? Thurs I can have a friend visit, Friday not :-( Basically, I wanna know if Thurs is an ok day. Ha asked 4 friends and got a vote 3 for thurs, one for friday
  16. readsalot

    Which author would you ... ??

    Totally not want to be a character for. I'm listening to the Lost symbol by Dan Brown and definitely would NOT want to be one of his characters... poor Katherine, poor Langdon.
  17. readsalot

    Excerpt from ch 1 Ashlynn's Dreams

    Hi folks, I'm interested in your thoughts about this small bit from a ch in my book. Is it just right, too much, not enough to qualify as an interesting excerpt? Sorry about the spacing issues. Chapter 1 Helping Mr. Blairington ITEM 2: Jillian’s first pre-kidnapping journal entry Item...
  18. readsalot

    Stuart Hill - Icemark Chronicles

    Charming fantasy books. Hill does a nice job bringing Queen Thirrin to life.
  19. readsalot

    How to cleanly dispose of a bug

    Take a quarter sized piece of paper and fold it in half. Let bug crawl on and close paper over top. Close hard if you wish to kill the bug, or pinch the sides quickly if you wish to capture.
  20. readsalot

    Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys ...

    Have you read them? Do you like them? Do you like one over the other? (personally, I like the supermystery combos best) When was the last time you read one? (gosh, been a few years)