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  1. KristoCat

    Happy Birthday Irene Wilde

    I don't know if you'll come here and see this, but Happy Birthday! I did enjoy your brief visit a few months ago and hope you'll come back :)
  2. KristoCat

    Everything Bad is Good for You

    I recently read this book and I thought it was really interesting and difficult to argue against. Steven Johnson's main thesis is that developments in popular culture over the last thirty years or so has been slowly but surely making us smarter. Johnson mainly looks at video games and...
  3. KristoCat

    Happy Birthday RainbowGurl!

    Hope you had a nice birthday :)
  4. KristoCat

    Books for New Orleans Library

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd post this here so if you feel like cleaning out your personal library you have a good cause to contribute to: New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and all hardcover and paperback books to restock the shelves after Katrina. The library staff will assess...
  5. KristoCat

    Favorite Clever Song Lyrics

    Here's a similar topic to favorite book quotes: Anyone have some favorite song lyrics they'd like to share? They could be poetic, funny, observant, clever... whatever makes them stand out to you. Some of my favorites are: "How about the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... With...
  6. KristoCat

    Happy Birthday Prairie Girl!

    Hope you have a great day!
  7. KristoCat

    Closed Stickies

    I'm just wondering about the stickies that were closed in general book discussion: Why are they still stickies if they are closed? Is it possible to "un-stick" them? I would prefer it if the closed threads could just "fade away" and it doesn't appear that closed stickies can do this.
  8. KristoCat


    I love tea and I love trying different flavors of it. Right now my absolute favorites are Chai Spice and Licorice. I know tea has lots of great health benefits too. So: Do you drink tea? What flavors are your favorite or do you just like it plain? What do you put in it? Sugar? Lemon...
  9. KristoCat

    Genre Fiction: The Great Debate

    Encouraged by Kookamoor, I'm starting a thread about genre fiction and the stigma that's often attached to it despite its simultanous raging popularity. People seem to have pretty strong opinions about genre fiction, whether it's "It's almost all crap" or "Sometimes you just need brain candy"...
  10. KristoCat

    Culinary Mysteries

    Hi everyone, I've heard good things about culinary mysteries, by which I mean mysteries that include lots of information about and scenes with cooking and food, and sometimes even recipes. Does anyone here read them? If so can you recommend some authors?
  11. KristoCat

    Berlin readies giant brothel...

    I'm not kidding. Check it out: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050729/od_uk_nm/oukoe_odd_worldcup_brothel What does everyone think about this? Not only the (il)legality of prostitution, but the legitimacy it seems to have achieved here.
  12. KristoCat

    Crime Capers?

    Can anyone suggest a good crime caper novel? By this I mean something along the lines of The Italian Job movie, where the criminals are the protagonists, and there's adventures and action and a bit of humor.
  13. KristoCat

    Librarian Help?

    Would any of you ask a librarian for pleasure reading suggestions? Have you in the past? Do you know anyone who has? If you normally wouldn't think to ask a librarian for reading suggestions (and I was in this category before I started taking library science classes) why not?
  14. KristoCat

    What to call my fledgling website...?

    Hi all, I wanted to get your opinions on this one. I'm currently working on a website that's designed to be an information resource for readers, about both popular and literary fiction. The database will include lots of vital info on books, such as title, author, number of pages...
  15. KristoCat

    Bill Bryson

    For anyone who normally likes fiction but might want to try out nonfiction, I recommend Bill Bryson. I read In a Sunburned Country and thought it was just wonderful. His work will also appeal to people who like to read about travel too. In a Sunburned Country is all about his travels in...
  16. KristoCat

    Hi there

    Hi everyone, I'm KristoCat. I love to read both popular and literary fiction and I'm in graduate school right now learning how to become a librarian. I took a course last year in Readers' Advisory techniques and popular fiction, and I felt like I was really in my element. The website below...