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Search results

  1. Ben Holiday

    Lian Hearn: Tales of the Otori

    I just finished the first two books of this trilogy last night and have to admit I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the third book to be released and praying that it is written as well as the first two. The first book Across The Nightingale Floor introduces you to the main characters Takeo...
  2. Ben Holiday

    Elvenborn by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey

    I just finished this the third installment of the Halfblood Chronicles and must say this is the best written one to date. The first was my favorite book but the characters and writing picked up so much in this book that it has quashed all my feelings for the other two books.
  3. Ben Holiday

    What are you reading - May/June?

    I have just finished The Vanished Child by Sarah Smith. It was quite good so I am now trying to find the two other books in the series. I am in a coin toss right now between reading Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay or starting the whole Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz. In the end I may just read...
  4. Ben Holiday

    Dutch bookseller

    I am looking for a couple of books that were only released in dutch does anybody know of a good dutch or international bookseller or trader that ships to the U.S.? I looked through the seller links and didn't find anything that could help so any info is appreciated.