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  1. nomadic myth

    Daniel Wallace: Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions

    Thankfully it was short enough to read quickly. I don't think I could've endured it for long. I still think any book is better than a movie, though. I just like reading. I should give this movie a chance I guess.
  2. nomadic myth

    Do you read in the toilet, and what reading material usually goes in there?

    Hahaha. Hell no. Being in Korea drives me nuts. When I go to my in-laws' and have no English labels to read nor a book I lose it.
  3. nomadic myth

    Cormac McCarthy

    I definitely noticed that, too, about the positive message. The flame, the word of God, is always continuing. Personally I found it really moving as a father/son story. Especially when the father said "You're the best guy."
  4. nomadic myth

    How long should the school year be?

    Korea, where I teach, has a long school year, and I don't think it's any good. They might be good at math, but the students are definitely over-worked. I think it ruins their success as adults. Oh yeah, and their school day is long as well. The students usually have private lessons most...
  5. nomadic myth

    William Shakespeare: Macbeth

    Great stuff. Oh Macbeth, why did you do it?
  6. nomadic myth

    W___ In The W___D Does This M___

    It's rampant in classics.
  7. nomadic myth

    My Operation:The Sleeve Gastrectomy

    Feeling good these days? I hope you are doing well. Surgery is not a walk in the park I'm sure.
  8. nomadic myth

    Brian's Winter - Ms. Fretwell's Class

    Maybe the girls would enjoy Julie of the Wolves. I like Brian's Winter the most because I really enjoyed Hatchet, and Brian's Winter allows it to continue. A lot of students at my school go overseas to study. English education is crazy competitive in Korea, and people are nuts to get...
  9. nomadic myth


    Welcome. Don't be scared to make lots and lots of posts.
  10. nomadic myth

    Do You Get Mentally Fatigued When Reading?

    I get tired not reading. I find the most rejuvenating thing in my busy life is to sit down with a book and a coffee for a couple of hours. The more intellectual the book, the better.
  11. nomadic myth

    Besides Reading what other hobbies do you have????

    Is there anything besides reading? Actually, I try to run, work-out, write, and hang-out with my sons, but by the time I'm through with work, there's not much time to do anything. Usually I end up reading myself, reading with my son, and getting fat.
  12. nomadic myth

    Besides Reading what other hobbies do you have????

    I don't understand the question.
  13. nomadic myth

    Wearing tights in winter - can somebody explain me this?

    Yeah, I can tolerate it as well.
  14. nomadic myth

    Brian's Winter - Ms. Fretwell's Class

    Hi Everyone! I'm an English teacher in Korea. I'm from Canada. I taught my students Hatchet, and I also read Brian's Winter, The River, and Brian's Return. I think this is a great idea that you are doing. I'm very interested to read your responses and to participate if I'm welcome. I teach...
  15. nomadic myth


    Welcome. Enjoy your stay. Don't be scared to make lots and lots of posts.
  16. nomadic myth


    I'm fine, just a little run down.
  17. nomadic myth


    And you are working on Japanese? Wow. You're lucky. I know a little Mandarin, emphasis on a little. I took beginner Mandarin in university, but it totally didn't stick. Really hard to learn for me, even in pinyin. I remember just a little. Nin shenti hao ma?
  18. nomadic myth

    post a list of your favorite bands

    Pearl Jam The Doors Jefferson Airplane The Beatles Sloan Stone Temple Pilots Sublime Steppenwolf Crosby, Stills, and Nash
  19. nomadic myth


    Using learning is fun. Annyung. (That's Korean for "Hi".) Do you use Mandarin or Cantonese?
  20. nomadic myth


    Welcome aboard. Is your native tongue Japanese?