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  1. Steph

    Your book activity today

    Read the last 100 pages of Atonement. I also read the first half of All Quiet On the Western Front (that book is a FAST read!).
  2. Steph

    To Be Read List

    I like to keep my tbr list small as to not overwhelm myself. Medium Raw -- Anthony Bourdain Sing You Home -- Jodi Picoult Pillars of the Earth -- Ken Follett Possession -- A.S. Byatt 2001: A Space Odyssey -- Arthur C. Clarke Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter -- Seth Grahame-Smith The...
  3. Steph

    Recently Finished

    I finished reading Atonement by Ian McEwan for the second time and I'm struck again by McEwan's storytelling ability. The character's accounts really grab you emotionally. Never has a book actually made me feel something for people in a story.
  4. Steph

    Bram Stoker: Dracula

    I've seen the movie. I like it. I thought Keanu Reeves wasn't bad (and that's really saying something). I still can't believe Gary Oldman played Dracula... for some odd reason that just cracks me up!
  5. Steph

    Robert Ludlum; The Bourne Identity

    The movie is nothing like the book. I wish I had read the book first so that I was not disappointed by the lack of "excitment" that the movie invoked but the novel lacked (in my opinion).
  6. Steph

    Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Legacy

    Like MonkeyCatcher said, I stopped reading halfway through Bourne Identity. The book is NOTHING like the movie, and that disappointed me. I've never read Legacy and probably never will. I have the same feelings about reading Pride and Prejudice and not wanting to read all the "sequels" NOT...
  7. Steph

    "Dune" As good as "Lord of the Rings"?

    I agree, Lord of the Rings isn't science fiction, it's fantasy. But you guys know that. I haven't read Dune but it is on my long list of stuff to read. What is it about? and does it continue as a series? I like your avatar Fantasy Moon. Eowyn is my favorite character from LOTR :D.
  8. Steph

    Bram Stoker: Dracula

    Last time I read it I was young and had little experience reading classic literature, so I may change my opinion of it after I've read it again. I actually think I remember those exciting parts you mentioned, MDB ;).
  9. Steph

    Bram Stoker: Dracula

    I just don't like the last half of Dracula. The first half was very intriguing and his descriptions of Dracula's home are poetic. Towards the middle it sort of drops off and gets boring.
  10. Steph

    Armistead Maupin: The Night Listener

    I've seen the film "The Night Listener" and really liked it. Is the book like the movie?
  11. Steph

    Elizabeth Kostova: The Historian

    When Paul was talking about the narrator as a baby, he mentions that she was named after Helen's mother. At the time of reading this, I didn't have the courage to look through 300 pages just for a name, so I don't know. I loved the book. It was very mature for a vampire novel -- like someone...
  12. Steph

    Henry James: The Turn of the Screw

    I'm not an expert on horror stories, but I have to say that The Turn of the Screw is a classic. When I first heard what it was about I though a story about a mansion and a couple of ghosts was going to be boring and old (been there done that sort of thing). However, I read it and realized it was...
  13. Steph

    Mistakes in Books

    Once and a while I'll come across a spelling mistake, but I usually second-guess myself because the editor is probably smarter than I am. That and the fact that we like to think that books are written perfectly. If it's an older novel, mistakes are usually corrected in the newly released...
  14. Steph

    How many books have you read?

    If I had to guess... close to a thousand. However, in my oppinion, it's about quality, not quantity.
  15. Steph

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Bly mansion in Essex, England seeing ghosts.
  16. Steph

    How frequently do you visit the forums...

    Every couple of months I come here and post a whole bunch of times. Sometimes I find it hard to respond to some book discussions because it is usually a while since I've read the book.
  17. Steph

    What do bookworms do for exercise?

    Ha, ha. I like this thread. Exercise for me is walking to and from my classes. There are a lot of obstacles like hills, stairs and... yeah that's about all. I play tennis, too.
  18. Steph

    Usernames!!!! How did you get yours?

    Well, my username is my real name. I like my usernames to be similar to my first, middle or last. It seems like a more personal touch.
  19. Steph

    Opinions on the Books

    I agree short circuit. Harry was too modest to be modest, if you know what I mean by that. He was too perfect of a hero. He thinks he's SO special. Sometimes I wish Lucious Malfoy would "abra cadabra" him.
  20. Steph

    Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler's Wife

    I was turned off by the scene with Clare and Gomez. To me it just didn't seem to be significant to the story. I just don't like that part.