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  1. KJarrell

    New book I recently picked up

    While at the local grocery tonight I was browsing the bargin book pile and came across the book School Days by Robert B. Parker As anyone read it? if so would you recommend reading it?
  2. KJarrell

    Cannot remeber title

    I cannot remeber the title of this book but it was about a girl who is a judges daughter and one day there is a school shooting and the mom gets put as the judge for it and her daughter end up being one of the witnesses or something like that. eh I know that description was crap but I just...
  3. KJarrell

    im new =]

    Hi all =] Im kathryn I just graduated from High School and have always been a fan of novels. I dont write and i'm not a critic, I work at borders... I sell books for a living. go me! ;) Kjarrell