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  1. harrypotterrox

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
  2. harrypotterrox


    Welcome to the forum! Good luck... :)
  3. harrypotterrox

    Welcome to the forum!!!

    Welcome to the forum!!!
  4. harrypotterrox

    Hello! From Nevada

    Welcome to the forum Elaina!!! Ill see you around!
  5. harrypotterrox


    Welcome to the forum Timothy!!! See you around.
  6. harrypotterrox

    Change username?

    I wish i could change my user name... hmmmm.... nevermind, to much work for Stewart. But hey,Stewart, if you ever get the time, come ask me if i want to change my username! You dont actually have to...
  7. harrypotterrox

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Im not listening to anything!
  8. harrypotterrox

    Question Game

    Late in bed Question: Turqoise or Maroon?
  9. harrypotterrox

    Is Monk the modern day Columbo?

    Tony Shalhoub is the coolest actor!!!
  10. harrypotterrox

    The New 4 Word Story

    in a palace of
  11. harrypotterrox

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!!!

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!!!
  12. harrypotterrox

    Question Game

    I dont get what your question is Libra...
  13. harrypotterrox

    Favorite/Least Favorite Smells

    I looove the smell of lavender and nail polish and i hate the smell of ... sulfer, well thats ok, i absolutly hate the smell of dog breath.
  14. harrypotterrox

    Favorite/Least Favorite Smells

    how many times have you actually smelled dead bodies? Are you talking human bodies, or like animal bodies?!?:blink:
  15. harrypotterrox

    Four Word Story

    the merry turkish delight.
  16. harrypotterrox

    Question Game

    My favorite vegitable is either corn or carrots. Question: Who would you rather meet - Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke?
  17. harrypotterrox

    Is Monk the modern day Columbo?

    That's awsome'!!! I never knew there were books on Monk!
  18. harrypotterrox


    Welcome 2 the forum!!! :)
  19. harrypotterrox

    I love your avatar!!!

    I love your avatar!!!
  20. harrypotterrox

    Fantasty genre dead?

    I used to looove fantasy. Now i have kinda grown out of them. They like all have to do with dark and powerful forces, with time portals and all. Im more into a murder mystery or romance books.