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Search results

  1. harrypotterrox

    Lucky #'s

    Whats your lucky number? Mine is 13. Isnt it supposed to be unlucky?
  2. harrypotterrox

    Gossip Girl

    Do you have to read the Gossip Girl books in order?
  3. harrypotterrox

    Least favorite fantasy book

    What is your least favorite fantasy book? mine was The Hobbit. I really dont know why. But it bored me to death. I remember sitting there , and it taking me like 10 min to read the first page... ok mabey not ten, but it was soooooo boring - in my opinion.
  4. harrypotterrox

    Lu Chi Fa and Becky White: Double Luck

    Has anyone here read the book Double Luck? This book is actualy about someone who lives a few miles away from me at the moment. I would deffinatly try to read this book if you like sad/historical books! It was one of my favorites!
  5. harrypotterrox

    Favorite Actor

    Can you make a list of your favorite actors? 1. Mike Myers 2. Ben Stiller 3. Dick Van Dyke (so-so) I cant think of any more... i bet i will when someone else mentions someone!
  6. harrypotterrox

    question about Ipod

    I have an Ipod, but i dont want to spend so much moola ($) buying songs on Itunes. If one of my friends has the song on their Itunes library, can i connect my ipod to their library and put some of their songs on my ipod, or does that not work? Do you get what im sayin'? thanks! HPRox!
  7. harrypotterrox

    Books on Romance for Teens

    Does anyone reccomend any romance books for teens? If so that would be great!!! HpRox!
  8. harrypotterrox

    Blogging help

    What is the point of "blogging"? What is the difference between blogging and the forums? Thanks! HPRox
  9. harrypotterrox

    Golden Goblet

    Has anyone read the Golden Goblet? If so how did you like it? To me, it was boring in some parts, but so exciting in others. But there were so many characters i had to write the names and their occupation on an index card! I loved the ending. I am interested to see what others thought of the...
  10. harrypotterrox


    Ok, I know guests can visit this BandR, so i wanted to write this. If you are a guest (so you dont have an active accout fo Book and Reader - Read, Review, Discuss ) then keep reading this. If you loooove books, music and other topics, then this is a great website/forum. Here you can talk with...
  11. harrypotterrox

    Four Word Story

    We have done this little game in the past, but sence it is now done, i decided to start the same game over again. Here's the idea. We, all of us, create a story, four words at a time. Yes, you're only allowed to add four words per post to the story, and then the next guy/gal takes over. The fun...
  12. harrypotterrox

    Favorite Song by Avril L.

    Hi. Whats your favorite song/songs by Avril L. ? Mine is Mobil, Sk8er Boi, and Girlfriend.
  13. harrypotterrox


    Does anyone know any good jokes? I need some to tell. Thanks!!! HPRox
  14. harrypotterrox

    Teen Recomendation

    Hi. Im a teen and looking for a good book. I like romance, adventure (just not the BrianJauque books), and mystery. Thanks!! Harrypotterrox:D
  15. harrypotterrox

    Festival - Lightning in a Bottle

    Have you been to Lightning in a Bottle in the Live Oak Camp, CA? I just went this last weekend. It was the coooolest festival ive been to. Eventhought the music was odd and blasted all night (also viberating the ground 24/7) it was cool. If youve been, how did you like it? HPRox
  16. harrypotterrox

    Favourite Name

    What is your altime favourite boy or girl name? My favourite girl name is Mae:rolleyes: and my favourite boy name is Dylan:cool:
  17. harrypotterrox


    How do you become a moderator? thanks, hprox
  18. harrypotterrox

    Next movie you are planning to watch

    What is the next movie you are planning to watch? I want to watch Juno, as everyone says it is a "must see" . HPRox
  19. harrypotterrox

    Favorite Color Game

    Sorry, I just have to know what everyones favorite color is and why. Also, you have to say something about the color in the post before yours. Like, if the person in the post before you said that they loved the color purple, than in your post you would have to say your favorite color and...
  20. harrypotterrox

    Favortie Songs On your Ipod

    My favorite songs on my Ipod are : Bubbly - Colbie Caillat (I Wanna) Soak Up the Sun - Hit Crew Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield I write Sins not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco *All songs from Maroon 5* Wat r ur faves? Harrypotterrox