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Search results

  1. NotTheDoctor

    The Dark Tower (film & tv)

    Absolutely. Opie needs to keep his paws off of this one.
  2. NotTheDoctor

    $114 Kindle

    I think it's longer than 10 minutes. But regardless, you only see the screensaver when the Kindle is turned off, so it's kind of like seeing the cover of a book before you open it: unavoidable but hardly invasive.
  3. NotTheDoctor

    Suggestions: May 2011

    Can't we a have it with 5?
  4. NotTheDoctor

    Suggestions: May 2011

    Great Minds Think Alike (I chose the same 3 books) :D
  5. NotTheDoctor

    Water for Elephants

    Well, the trailer looks stunning, there's great eye candy and Christoph Waltz is in it so I'm in! I'm thinking about buying the book, @Libra is it worth paying 9 dollars (US) for the Kindle version?
  6. NotTheDoctor

    Suggestions: May 2011

    That's why I bought it in the first place. I wanted to read about life in Tehran and what those women went through. Let me know so we can talk about it and I'll tell you in detail why I didn't like it :D
  7. NotTheDoctor

    Suggestions: May 2011

    I'd vote for the following 3: The Time Traveler's Wife Mrs. Dalloway Juliet, Naked (@Libra: I couldn't finish Reading Lolita in Tehran, but if you've read all of the books she analyzes to death maybe you'll get more out of it than I did).
  8. NotTheDoctor

    New Jane Eyre adaptation

    So, has anyone seen it? The trailer looks amazing and it has actually made me start reading the book, which I've had for over ten years and never felt like reading... Never seen an adaptation either so this will be my first!
  9. NotTheDoctor

    Last seen...

    Same thing happened to me. Have you seen A Serious Man? Saw Heat last night :stars5:
  10. NotTheDoctor

    Any photographers here?

    I think my pics used to be better before I started trying to learn about photography... Maybe we should create a weekly or monthly challenge, or something to motivate slackers like moi to go out and take pictures (and use their cameras before they become obsolete).
  11. NotTheDoctor

    Last seen...

    Cape Fear. Creeped me out big time. I think the scariest thing was that I couldn't help finding Robert Mitchum rather charming...
  12. NotTheDoctor

    What scares you the most...

    dude, you read my mind.
  13. NotTheDoctor

    Sign of the day

    :lol::lol::lol: Love it! And I now have that song stuck in my head :whistling:
  14. NotTheDoctor

    Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway?

    6 out of 10. Poor Martin...
  15. NotTheDoctor

    Stephen King: Full Dark, No Stars

    My copy arrived on Monday, hopefully I'll be able to start reading it before the weekend!
  16. NotTheDoctor

    Happy Birthday NotTheDoctor!!

    Thank you guys! :flowers: @Libra6Poe: I got some cash and a couple of gift certificates (for books and DVDs of course), and there's like 3 packages in the mail that should be getting here (hopefully) this week, next week tops. And my dad's coming to see me this weekend so he'll bring stuff...
  17. NotTheDoctor

    Happy Birthday NotTheDoctor!!

    Thank you guys! :flowers:
  18. NotTheDoctor

    Dexter (Showtime Series)

    Last Sunday's was the best so far, IMHO.
  19. NotTheDoctor

    Beer: the reason we have civilization

    And what helps us get through some of those same problems...