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    My modern fairytales and poems

    Hey John, thanks very much for the feedback - there's really no need to be sorry! I realise they're far from being professional and I'm not expecting them to be snapped up for publishing in a hurry - just a bit of fun really for now so it's really useful to hear things back so I can actually...
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    There's always one smart arse isn't there! He he...mi italiano c'e rubbish!
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    My modern fairytales and poems

    Hi there all! I've just started writing short stories and poems for children, and have decided to get some opinions (if I can) on them...they are sort of modern fairytales which form part of a wider book I am writing at the moment. I'd love if I could get people's thoughts and opinions on...
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    Classic books into good movies?

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a phenomenal film adaptation - one of the few films that changes things within the storyline but still manages to do it within the feel and heart of the book. Brilliant.
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    Recommend an online radio station

    Colin Murray's show on BBC Radio 1 online, 10pm GMT every weekday. Awesome stuff.
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    New Alice in Wonderland...?

    Like the idea, if there's one director in the world I'd back to adapt Alice in Wonderland it is Mr Burton!
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    Story (poem)

    I agree with Stewart actually - the flow of the poem is such that the final line doesn't quite fit and run with the rest of it. I like the idea and some of the lines are pretty strong in my opinion.
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    What could JK Rowling write next (pertinent to HP)?

    I'd certainly back her to write some more - I'd be pleased if it was a standalone book though, the desperate need to create trilogies and big series of books annoys me very much. She did it well with Harry Potter, and hopefully she won't drag that around too much!
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    Resist resist! Buy originality, not the same old rubbish!
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    Looking for war history book in the UK

    Yes I think a history of war in general is a bit of an unlikely project - barring reference works like the encylopedias - but there are some very interesting wider histories of war. Any in particular you might like to focus on?
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    History, Biographies, etc...

    If you want books on the Presidencies I would suggest (particularly if you have a good base knowledge of many of them already) the Presidents' memoirs - especially Reagan and Nixon's which are both hugely involving and interesting. Haven't read them all by any stretch, but the ones I have are...
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    Belle de Jour: Slut or Celebrity?

    bit of both really!
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    Guilty Secrets

    I must say I agree with both of you - LOTR to me was just a bunch of names and weird orc things fighting a lot...very uninspiring for me. Each to their own though I suppose. Actually no, everyone should have my opinion - that's a lot better!
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    Do you read on public transport?

    All the time! I love to read on the trains, it quickens the journey brilliantly!
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    Hello there! A bit of a long time lurker here, have long enoyed the site from afar as it were...learnt a lot of things through Book & Reader. Now just started writing bits and bobs myself - I will be posting up some stories when I can for your perusal...hope you don't abuse me too much...
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    Barnes & Noble buys Fictionwise

    E-books are definitely on the rise, there's going to be a lot of money in it soon. I do think amazon are the most likely to dominate the market though...
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    check out the first chapter of Death Wave

    I'll be honest, I'm not a massive fan but it's not awful in the same way...needs a bit more edge and originality to the writing and storyline - it's all a bit cliched at the moment. Good luck all the same!
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    What is creative writing to you?

    Isn't all writing creative to some degree? Sorry, I'm being facetious...but I think it's true to some degree.