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Search results

  1. Worm

    David Baldacci

    Total Control is boring, but try others like The Winner & The Hour Game. They're really some great read!
  2. Worm

    Jeffrey Archer: A Prisoner Of Birth

    I'm reading it & enjoying it as well. Idea borrowed from Dumas's classic Count of Monte Cristo, but with a twist. Must be good....
  3. Worm

    The Third Secret - Steve Berry

    Anyone read it ? How was it ?
  4. Worm

    what books made you cry?

    Kane & Abel By Jeffrey Archer. When William's friend Matthew . . . . Its the only time I cried.
  5. Worm

    False Impression By Jeffrey Archer

    Sound interesting to me from what i've read from the synopsis. Cant wait to read . . What do you think ?
  6. Worm

    Iain Pears

    saw a book by this author when browsing on bookbrowse.com. So,anyone read any of his books ?Which one would you recommend ?
  7. Worm

    Vince Flynn

    I've already bought 'Memorial Day' :o .Have you read it yet.What I made out of synopsis it looks kinda similar to the story of '24' Season 2.May be not,have to read it anyway :)
  8. Worm

    Vince Flynn

    Would anyone recommend something from him?How are his books ?? It was recommended to me by someone,so I thought to check out here ..
  9. Worm


    So,which Cell-Phone do you have ? :)
  10. Worm

    Fantasy Books ?

    I would love to do that,if only I had their service available here in the Middle East.
  11. Worm

    A Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian nights) - Which Version To Buy??

    I've only read the 'Penguin Popular Classics' version which is translated by Sir Richard Burton.It doesn't contain the complete stories but it does contain some of the popular selection.So,if you cant find any complete one,this wont be a bad option.
  12. Worm

    Fantasy Books ?

    Where I live,they have only one chain of Bookstore,and the nearest one to where I live,only have Robert Jordan & Terry Brooks.So I have to pick any one of them. Well, if not Robert Jordan,then how about Terry Brooks,The Shannara Trilogy?
  13. Worm

    Fantasy Books ?

    Thank you Sell Sword for your LOOONG list.And thanks to everybody else. I'm thinking to start 'Robert Jordan'.Because I couldnt find other books,which you guys have recommend.Is he good?
  14. Worm

    Fantasy Books ?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend me any good fantasy books ? Or any author in the Genre ? I only know of two : Robert Jordan & Terry Brooks. I've heared Robert Jordan is good ? Is he? Any recommendation would be helpful.
  15. Worm

    Currently Reading

    The Rule Of Four
  16. Worm

    Currently Reading

    I'm almost at the end of Sandstorm By James Rollins.It was good.Hope his other books are better.
  17. Worm

    James Rollins

    Isnt the adventurer name a bit odd : Omaha Dunn ??
  18. Worm

    James Rollins

    I've bought the Sandstorm(Limited Edition).I hope its good.
  19. Worm

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    I've bought 'The Rule Of Four' & 'Sandstorm' (Limited Edition).
  20. Worm

    James Rollins

    What are his books like ? I'm planning to buy 'Map Of Bones' & 'Sandstorm' I've heared they're good.