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    Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn

    I got the same feeling after reading it...like she wanted to cram all the happy endings in one book since it was the last one in the saga :( ... i'm really sad she gave up writing midnight sun for the moment but it looks amazing so far and i do hope she finishes it and publishes the book
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    Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn

    I wonder how that would have been possible, but i think i would have loved the outcome all the same
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    Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn

    I was surprised about the whole pregnancy thing too, but it feels good when you read a book and have no idea about what's going to happen next so that's a plus for the book. It was a good idea to write some part of the book from another character's perspective too...but Jacob's referring to...
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    Stephenie Meyer: Breaking Dawn

    I've recently finished Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and I've to say i was kind of disappointed after reading it. The beginning was good and I'm glad I enjoyed the other books but this one is just not as convincing as the others. What did you think about it?
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    Stephenie Meyer: Twilight & New Moon

    I enjoyed reading "Twilight" and I think it's definitely worth reading, I can't say the same about "New Moon". I was actually disappointed after reading it. Luckily, I let aside the prejudice and read the 3rd book "Eclipse" which I believe is the best book of the series so far.
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    The Evil "Wish" Game

    Granted, but then horrible deep holes would replace each and every of your pimples so your face would look like the part of the moon where meteors fall. I wish people would lower the volume when listening to their mp3s/ipods in public places and public transportaition.
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    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    right you are gem:D
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    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    my quote...let's see... "(french accent) It was a perfect day for a murder. France against China, with the winner advancing to the finals. I had been invited, as chief inspector of the Police Nationale. And because of my recent nomination for the Medal of Honor... I have been nominated seven...
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    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    The Fly ... that movie really freaked me out when i first saw it ...its jeff goldman who says this but i don't remember the name of the character...
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    Memorable Movie Quote Game

    Mr and Mrs Smith....when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt start shooting each other after discovering that their own identity am i right?
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    M. Night Shyamalan

    I didn't enjoy the Unbreakable; it’s not my type of movie. I saw the village but it didn’t impress me as much as Sixth Sense, but I really loved Sixth Sense …that reminds me of another movie I saw: The Others directed by d'Alejandro Amenábar
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    I usually play card games (the ones in the start menu) ...
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    Sweet Tooth...

    :D I like everything made of chocolate with no peanuts inside
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    Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code

    i have to agree with that
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    Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code

    i made a mistake above saying that members of the Priory of Sion have publicaly expressed their objections concerning their image created by D. Brown's book and I would like to appologise for that... Thank you Stewart and Kookamoor for fixing that mistake. Indeed it was the Opus Dei who...
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    How Many Languages Do You Know and Use?

    well, I was born in Romania and moved to Canada years ago...
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    New Site Design - Why?

    I think the site looks good...it's got more colors and...other stuff like...(i'll get back to that later)...you guys need to be opened to new ideas...i'm sure the new look will fit everyone once you get used to it... there's no need for panic... now where's the "new posts" button???.....just...
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    What's your favourite period?

    I totally agree with you
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    The Most Whack Writers

    Anne Robillard Paulo Coelho Marc Levy
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    Harry Potter Seventh Book Pre-Sales Speculations and Discussions

    well, we'll just have to wait for the last book to find out, won't we? :(