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Search results

  1. Jenem

    What was your best year?

    I ask this of a lot of people. I am always surprised by how many people don't have one. What was the best year of your life? Why was it the best?
  2. Jenem

    IMG code help

    is there something wrong with the IMG function, or is it me? i have used it before but now i can't get it to work. can somene tell me what it's supposed be written like (i use the IMG icon but that's what i find isn't working). basically, i THINK it should look like this (without the spaces)...
  3. Jenem

    curfews for teens

    My sister has had a lot of problems with teen crime around her home. She lives near a school and park. Admittedly, teen behaviour is very bad in our town. Kids are always kicking in fences and stealing stuff. On the weekend, my nephew's bike (equipped with training wheels) was stolen from their...
  4. Jenem

    Stranger In A Strange Land - beware: spoilers

    i just finished this book. i really enjoyed the first portion of the novel- until it got heavily into religion. i did find aspects of Mike's "church" enlightening, and open love and property sound good in theory. i am confused about Mike's opinion of homosexuality. Mike grok's wrongness with gay...
  5. Jenem

    Where was that bill last?

    I just found this website: Canada: Where's Willy? Enter the serial numbers of the bills in your pocket to see where they've been. I didn't get any hits on the 4 I just entered, but I'll keep trying. Here are ones for other countries: Europe: Eurobilltracker United Kingdom: Dosh...
  6. Jenem

    20 Questions

    You guys might have rec'd this link via email- it's making it's rounds. I thought I'd throw it on here anyway. It's kinda interesting: 20 Questions
  7. Jenem

    Tell us your ghost story...

    In honour of Hallowe'en, tell us your ghost story! Here's mine... After my husband finished school about 5 years ago, we moved into the poolhouse at his parent’s home. A few months later, he took a job on Vancouver Island while I stayed behind. One night, a few weeks after he was gone, I...
  8. Jenem

    Geography Quiz website

    This is nifty...click a country/continent to select the quiz. How well do you know your own country? Geography quiz
  9. Jenem

    Hallowe'en 2004

    So, has anyone started thinking about this yet? Do you dress up? Do you give out candy? What was your best costume ever? What was your scariest costume ever? What do you want to go as but never bother with the work it takes on the costume? As you can see, I'm a big Hallowe'en fan :D My...
  10. Jenem

    The things they sell on eBay!

    Pet Carrier
  11. Jenem

    Open Water - SPOILERS

    i heard about this movie awhile ago, as it buzzed it's way through the Sundance Film Festival. has anyone else heard of it? or heard the story behind the movie? if not, check these out: McFadyen's site and this Undercurrent story anyway, i was looking forward to seeing the movie, but some...
  12. Jenem

    Best line from a song

    What do you consider the best line from a song? I have 2 favorites: 1) "it's so deep it's meaningless" from So Hard Done By - The Tragically Hip 2) "if you're so special, why aren't you dead?" from I Just Wanna Get Along - The Breeders
  13. Jenem

    Most popular words in the english language

    This site should be interesting to all us bookworms. WordCount Interesting is the 1,057th most used word in the english language. Bookworm is 78,961! It's interesting to see at which point you find the majority of words you don't know.
  14. Jenem

    Best & Worst

    i'm a newbie, so excuse me if this thread's been done. What is the best film adaptation, in your humble opinion? The worst? The best, IMHO, is the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice. Ok, it's 5 hours long, but the plot sticks quite accurately to the novel (the reason for the length), and...
  15. Jenem

    new & happy to be here

    i can't believe i didn't look for this site sooner. i've complained for so long about never having anyone to talk about books with. thank the gods for the net! :) a little about me: i live just outside of vancouver, bc. my favorite book genre is post- apocalyptic, but i enjoy pretty much...