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Search results

  1. Sleepy

    The Traveling Book

    I had one of my more or less great ideas. :-) It's not particulary new one but in the German forums I attended to we did this pretty often. The principle of The Traveling Book is, that, based on trust, after it is read it has to go to another forum member and from there to the next and so on...
  2. Sleepy

    Books everybody has read except you

    Today I tlked to a friend about books and she mentioned a few were I thought, that almost everybody I know has read this one or the other one or both - except me. It got me thinking, I've never read 'Lord Of The Rings', the Harry Potter books or even a James Patterson book. It never occured to...
  3. Sleepy

    My late introduction

    I thought it would be neat because I didn't introduce me on B&R. So... I'm German and lived there most of my life. In 2005 my husband received an offer to take over Silicon Valley and we moved to California, where we still are. I guess I don't have to mention that I love books. I always...
  4. Sleepy

    Who's trading books ? (When you're not shy to tell)

    I thought it would be a nice idea to know who of you guys belongs to which book trading site and under what nickname. I really would be interested in browsing your bookshelf and find something new for me. I am registered at Paperbackswap, Titletrader and Swaptree. So I will begin...
  5. Sleepy

    I am searching for a book ...

    .. which had been made into a tv movie sometime in the 90's. However, here's the plot: A sadistic killer catches young, beautiful women, kills them and poses them at different places, sitting and looking like a antique doll. While the investigation is running the investigation woman...