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    I have noticed a distinct lack of photos of clouds round these parts. So here you go, a few I spotted at the back of my house.
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    Litany needs to know how many of you like to switch the stapler thingummy round so that you can have inny staples or outy staples. VOTE!
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    How many teaspoons is an excessive amount of teaspoons, say for a household of three people?
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    Do you believe in global warming?

    Some argue that the biggest challenge we face today is the threat of global warming. Yet others think that its all a myth and take no action. Without delving into the politics ( :p ), what do you think? Do you even care, or has it been talked about so much that you've simply switched off?
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    Pamela Anderson & her KFC boycott

    So, Miss Shelf. You want to talk about this? Enlighten us.
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    Books with photos of the author

    You must have all had a book where either in the front or back cover there's a photo of the author. Usually in black and white, staring into the camera or off at a distance, in what one can only presume is meant to be an intellectual pose. Can we ban them? They're very distracting, as...
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    The English: A Portrait of a People

    I picked this one up as I'm quite interested in national identity, especially Englishness, being that I am, erm, English. Anyway, it's by Jeremy Paxman; if you know anything about him I suppose that serves as a warning of sorts. It was an ok read. He details various discourses of...
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    '... I don't get it!'

    [Apologies if there's already a thread asking this, there's only so much delving into the archives one can do...] You know when everyone's banging on about a book. And you just can't see the attraction? Declare that book, and don't apologise. Voice your feelings! The book that...
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    If she comes in here looking for me, you aint seen me.
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    Billy Os North-South Divide Thread

    Here you go Billy. So instead of spoiling everyone else threads, you can put all your ramblings in here. I shall begin by asking if Billy thinks I'm a southerner, and Ice thinks I'm a northerner - where the heck am I??
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    For the broken hearted this Christmas...

    To the tune of 'Deck the halls with bows of holly' or whatever it is Now you've dumped that lousy love rat Fa la la la laaa la la la laaaa Go and buy a cheerful bathmat Fa la la la laaa la la la laaaa He's a Jeffrey He's a shit-head He's a lanky streak of piss Go and buy a cheerful...
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    A question for the writers amongst us...

    Do you write for yourself and your own enjoyment, or do you write to please other people? Can you really do both at the same time? Surely stuff that's written to entertain the masses is entertainment, rather than art?
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    Logging in

    When I log in and it gets to the 'Thankyou for logging in, Freya' bit, I always half expect it to say, 'For fucks sake, not you again woman. We've had enough of your inane drivel for one day, try again tomorrow.' :o
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    What's more important...

    A faithful boyfriend/girlfriend... or a shed load of cash? Fool Around
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    Happy Birthday Themistocles!!

    You'll never be as popular as me. But here's a thread anyway :D
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    ..did no-one remind me the clocks were going back?! Meanies.
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    Amuse me again please! What do you associate with Stella Artois?
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    Supersize Me

    Anyone seen it? Any thoughts? Any indignant fast food employees out there who wish to defend their industry?
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    OK. When I say Guinness, tell me what springs to mind. Give me as many ideas as possible. I'd really like it if you stated roughly where you were from in the world too :D Cheers.
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    New Moderator

    Seeings as Martins not a moderator anymore, I reckon we should get to vote a new one in.