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  1. canuck

    April/May 2015: Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North

    I see The Narrow Road to the Deep North was suggested back aways, it's a good suggestion and I believe it is also a harrowing read, besides I already have it on Kindle which would be my reason for reviving the post.
  2. canuck

    Aliens, The Definitive Guide

    Was just reading that there will be a two hour show tonight on the Discovery channel about Aliens and wondered if any of the BAR people had any thoughts on the subjects of UFO's, extra-terrestrials, or even knew of people who were sure they had experienced something 'other-wordly'.
  3. canuck

    Ariel Castro and three kidnapped women in Cleveland

    Anyone have any thoughts on this really strange case? Three women are held for 10 years then escape, apparently held in captivity by one man, Ariel Castro, who has two brothers whom, I believe, live in the same town. The women have now escaped and the last I read there was not enough evidence to...
  4. canuck

    A community story

    Has this been tried before? The idea is that each person contributes to an ongoing story, you can take it in any direction you like but try to make it into a readable form, mysterious, funny, romantic, or whatever. I'll start unless there is some objection. Eva was waiting at the bus stop...
  5. canuck

    Losing text

    Hello Brent: Am on another forum whereby the text that I'm posting is saved so that should I be dumb enough to hit the wrong key I can still recall the text I was typing. Is there a function on this forum which saves the text? I looked at all the little icons but couldn't see anything to do...
  6. canuck

    Word Association

    Anyone up for another game? How about word association. A word is posted and the next person puts down the word which immediately comes to mind in association with the previous word. Let's see if it takes off. First word Ambidextrous
  7. canuck

    Book Title game

    If this acceptable the way this works is that the name of a book is posted, with the author's name just so it's known that it really is a book, the next person picks a word out of that book title and posts the title of another book and highlights their choice and so on. You can't use the same...
  8. canuck

    Fox News

    I think there was a thread relating to Fox News a while back but don't know how to find it. Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone thought Fox News was kind of off the wall with their reporting. There is a Glenn Beck who folks on another forum have him saying that the Saudi national who was...
  9. canuck

    Boston Marathon attack

    This is a really horrific event and the possibility of catching the perpetrators seems almost impossible with so many of the spectators wandering around with backpacks. It seems incredible that after 9/11 people are still taken by surprise that a terrorist event can and does happen. I wonder...
  10. canuck

    C. J. Box

    Before I post this I apologize if it's in the wrong spot. Couldn't see where to post what I had currently read in the way of Crime, Thrillers etc. Anyway, I just read Breaking Point by C. J. Box and it was an interesting and exciting read. Joe Pickett, the main character, is a Game Warden in...
  11. canuck

    Greetings of the Season

    Wishing all the BAR members all the very best of the festive season, hoping all of you have a happy holiday and very best wishes for the coming year. May you have lots of time for reading interesting books.:)
  12. canuck

    Any opinions re the petitions to secede

    Have been reading about various petitions being circulated among people unhappy with the election results who want to secede from the Union. What is your opinion about something like this?
  13. canuck

    Questions re Bring Up the Bodies

    Am reading this book for which Hilary Mantel has won a second Booker prize. My first question is 'what are the criteria for winning a Booker prize' - I think maybe beer good posted about prizes for literature in another post? Second question - This book is about Henry Vlll trying to divest...
  14. canuck

    Why all the advertising on the forum?

    Maybe everyone else knows but I haven't noticed the explanation, is it expensive to run this website is that why we have so much advertising and 'stuff' all over the page when we log on? I'm on a couple of other forums and they don't have all the messages like this one. :confused:
  15. canuck

    Linwood Barclay: Trust your Eyes

    This is a cleverly plotted mystery/thriller involving a man who is a well established illustrator for papers and magazines. He returns home when his father dies to arrange the funeral and look after his mildly schizophrenic brother who is a couple of years younger than him. The brother is...
  16. canuck

    Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural

    As it is getting close to Halloween I thought maybe I'd just post something that may be a bit of fun (or not) about whether anyone either believed in ghosts or the supernatural or had friends, acquaintances who had things happen that couldn't be explained in a rational manner, spooky things etc...
  17. canuck

    Where are you etc.

    When someone posts to the thread 'where are you in the book you are reading' would it be a good idea to say which book it is so that if the post is intruiging maybe the rest of us would be interested in acquiring the book?
  18. canuck

    Linwood Barclay: Never Look Away

    David Harwood is a journalist with a small town newspaper. He, his wife and 4 year old son are going on an outing to an amusement park. His wife, Jan, buys the tickets online and they set off on a Saturday for a day of fun. When they reach the park and are heading for the gate Jan suddenly...
  19. canuck

    Introducing myself

    Hello to all from north of 49 - looking forward to reading your opinions about books, etc. :)