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  1. dude

    Random happenings/thoughts

    A thread for whatever is happening or is going through your head at the moment.. :whistling: Saw a roll-over accident on Friday on the highway. A car tumbled down the embankment from the frontage road towards the highway. It's weird to see something like that and not hear it. When...
  2. dude

    The Hurt Locker

    Has anyone seen this? One of the most intense war movies I've ever seen. Seriously edge-of-your-seat kind of stuff.
  3. dude

    First-person Tetris

    This is going make you very dizzy. My best is 36 lines. First-Person Tetris
  4. dude

    The Road

    Anyone seen this yet? Just saw it tonight. All I can say is, wow. Utterly bleak and hopeless. One of the most depressing movies I've ever seen.:sad:
  5. dude

    Happy Birthday Libra!

    Happy birthday! :) I only remember because it's mine too.:whistling: :flowers:
  6. dude

    Holiday advice

    everyone can contribute :whistling: If you bring a certain "dish" to your family's holiday dinner every year and no one eats it but you, take that as a hint and stop making the crap. No one wants your asparagus banana bread, your raisin/cabbage/carrot shavings/mayonnaise vile concoction...
  7. dude

    Russell Banks

    One of the finest American writers for more than thirty years, Russell Banks’ work is grounded, human, saddening and unforgettable. Much of what he writes deals with tragedy, pain, confusion and the resiliency of those strong enough to endure. He paints of picture of the human condition in all...
  8. dude

    Cake and ice cream for everyone...

    ...who reads this. :D Hi all. I'm Jesse from Austin TX and I just turned 30. I love to read, but up until now, I never thought to look for any message boards on books. I know, I'm quick! :lol: I usually have to resort to those list things on Amazon to find suggestions on new (to me) books...