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  1. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

    Before ABC's house
  2. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

    The good ol' days Spark, times fying.
  3. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

    Sparkchaser(center down) et Beer good(left down) early jobs. Ha the good old days....
  4. saliotthomas

    April Reads?

    Elmore Leonard-Freaky deaky 3 Donald Westlake-The hot Rock 4 Colum MvCann-Let the great world spin(abandonned) Puchkine-The captain's daughter 4 Claude Bathany-Country blues 3 Gustave Flaubert-Salammbo 4 Charles Portis-The dog of the south 3
  5. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

    best Facebook group "Stop emailing me, I do not want/need your spam viagra!"
  6. saliotthomas

    Recently Finished

    Puchkine- The captain's Daughter:stars4: Claude Bathany-Country blues:stars3:
  7. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

  8. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

  9. saliotthomas

    March 2010 Reads

    Roberto Bolano-2666 5+ Patrick Modiano-Accident nocturne 1 Tobias Wolff-Old School 4 Driss Chraibi-l'homme qui vennait du passé 3 David Lodge-Author author (abandonned) Lian hearn-Across the nightingal floor 3 Emile Zola-Therese Raquin 4 Patrick McCabe-winterwood 3 Dennis Lehane-Shutter...
  10. saliotthomas

    What do you think of this audiobook business idea

    Been a big listener of audio (every days) i think it is a good idea. I'm not to keen on the fast going and i like slow reading (specialy stuff like Eco, or lately Bolano) and i hate when it's already done, making the book sound like it's read by Bugs bunny. I don't know if you tried already to...
  11. saliotthomas

    Bernard Cornwell: Sword Song

    I'm also very fond of the guy in Gallow thief, like most of Corwell hero, brutal and short tempered but some sort of a loser at heart. Gallow thief is excellent stand alone book, a mine in Old English slang. I feel a bit let down by the fact he never finished the serie about American civil...
  12. saliotthomas

    Random Image Thread

  13. saliotthomas

    Happy Birthday Saliotthomas!

    Muito Obrigado Gorgeous Thanks Lenny, i watched that guy clapping for a very long time. Thanks Libra.
  14. saliotthomas

    Hubert Selby Jr

    I'm glad you liked it. Read The demon Dude, on of the best books ever written. Amazing and not has depresing has most of his others. Well, not a field of pansies ether but just active. A terrible thing The demon his.
  15. saliotthomas

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    So can i, the two of you....hip...... with this pink elephant on a leach.....hip....... and stay away from my tequila stash....hip.... I'm also in Wrasaw Poland, having trouble being a jew, son of a rabbi and a believer of the new Darwin theories. Isaac Bashevis Singer-The Manor
  16. saliotthomas

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    Nice, Hope you like it. I loved The demon by Selby. Classic. I'm drunk in Mexico. have been for a while. Under the volcano-Malcolm Lowry
  17. saliotthomas

    What Do You Do When...

    I once wiped miss ass with one of those mint parfumned tissus (by mistake, ok) and it sure did keep me awake, and going. Just trying to help.
  18. saliotthomas

    Bernard Cornwell: Agincourt

    I read most of what he wrote so far and rarely have been desapointed. Tada.. http://www.bookandreader.com/forums/f49/bernard-cornwell-sword-song-17804.html
  19. saliotthomas

    Time to Play: Ask the Opposite Sex!

    Ok i have one too, how does it feel to run with boobs?
  20. saliotthomas

    Time to Play: Ask the Opposite Sex!

    Dear Jaybe To a slightly provocative question "why men like ugly women? i respond with a not too serious note. I don't think man specialy like ugly women , plus i don't know where ugly start really. I find Paris Hinlton ugly, very close to a skinny miss piggy, and a lot poeple use to find...