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  1. lenny nero

    100 Best Horror films

    ...according to Time Out London. Not a bad list, nice to see some of my lesser known faves on it. 100 Best Horror films as chosen by those who write in, direct, star in and celebrate the genre.
  2. lenny nero

    John Irving: In One Person

    Coming in May: A must buy for me, even though his last several hasn't been up to par with his classics, I love this guy's work.
  3. lenny nero

    Bentley Little: The Haunted

    Coming out in a week or so: I seem to be the only person that enjoyed his last, The Disappearance, so I'll check this one out, even though I tend to avoid haunted house themed stories.
  4. lenny nero

    Abandoned Places in the World

    Neato! Abandoned Places In The World
  5. lenny nero

    Craig Marks & Rob Tannenbaum: I Want My MTV

    Fun and very readable oral history of the first decade of MTV's existence. From who came up with the idea, to where those first video's came from, to the arrival of The Real World. Billy Squier's career suicide video for Rock Me Tonite gets its own chapter. I had no idea that David Fincher...
  6. lenny nero

    Stephen King: The Wind Through the Keyhole

    Coming in April
  7. lenny nero

    Ramsey Campbell: Ancient Images

    This one was a lot of fun. It had a definite Wicker Man vibe to it. I loved the creepy stick men that stalked the protag throughout the book. Also loved how she kept unconsciously dismissing them as shadows. Fave scene was when she had finally got to watch the film in the rundown theater...
  8. lenny nero

    Stan Nicholls: Orcs

    Standard action adventure/fantasy with orcs as the protags, even though they don't really act like I thought orcs were supposed to act, instead they pretty much act like a human. For some reason I thought they would be evil and vicious, but instead they're honorable and level headed. I was...
  9. lenny nero

    Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee: The Woman

    The last of the family of feral cannibals from Off Season and Offspring is captured by the patriarch of a very dysfunctional family and is brought to their home and chained in the root cellar. What better way to explore familial relations than through the catalyst of a feral woman cannibal? I...
  10. lenny nero

    Sammy Hagar and Joel Selvin: Red

    In this short tome, 238 pages, Sammy gives us a quick run through of his life, beginning with his family's hard luck on welfare up to the selling of his tequila brand for a humble 90 million dollars....:eek: Oh and yeah, he was in a coupla bands along the way too. He gives us the dirt on...
  11. lenny nero

    Greg Bear: Eon

    Very similar to Rendezvous with Rama in the setup. Huge celestial body, this time an asteroid, approaches Earth and it's hollow, all kinds of crazy stuff is on the inside. This one is pretty good but it left me with some gripes about it. Most of the time I couldn't get a clear picture in my...
  12. lenny nero

    Bentley Little: The Disappearance

    Four UCLA students head to the Burning Man festival and wind up getting drugged and when they wake up one of their girlfriends is gone. Not only that, but all traces of her seemed to have disappeared from the school and online records, as if she didn't exist. Little puts aside the gore and...
  13. lenny nero

    Dorchester Publishing drops Mass Market Paperback Model for Ebook/POD Model

    Their Leisure Horror line is the last big mass market paperback publishers of horror(Laymon, Lee, Keene, Ketchum) left and this does affect their horror division as well as the romance. Gord Rollo, a horror author whom they publish said this on another board:
  14. lenny nero

    Stephen King: Full Dark, No Stars

    Collection of 4 novellas, coming in November: 922 The story opens with the confession of Wilfred James to the murder of his wife, Arlette, following their move to Hemingford, Nebraska onto land willed to Arlette by her father. Big Driver Mystery writer, Tess, has been supplementing her...
  15. lenny nero

    The Bram Stoker Awards

    This is the award given for best horror book of the year, voted by the Horror Writers Association. Here's the entire list, winner is listed along with the year, followed by the nominees. 1987: Misery by Stephen King (tie) 1987: Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon (tie) Live Girls by Ray Garton...
  16. lenny nero

    Random Image Thread

    Post random pics and gifs!
  17. lenny nero

    Wrath James White: The Resurrectionist

    Josh and Sarah Lincoln have a new neighbor, Dale McCarthy, who's taken a liking to Sarah, unfortunately for her, Dale is a serial killer who has the power to bring the dead back to life. So he can rape and kill her every night and then bring her back to life, with her having no memory of what...
  18. lenny nero

    Best Horror of the past decade?

    Deadlines magazine has posted their list of the best horror novels of the past decade. I've read 17 out of the 63 listed. BestHorroroftheDecade
  19. lenny nero

    Bentley Little: The Collection

    Huge(32 stories, 450 pgs) collection of his short fiction work, mostly taken from early in his career. Ranges from scary to just downright bizarre. A must for Little fans. :stars4: