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  1. saliotthomas

    Jean Hegland-Into the forest

    More a back to nature than apocalyptic. The idea is interesting, this time, it's not a bomb or a virus but just a complete economical colapse. No more trades, no electricity, a country folding back on itself. The story is about two sisters living in a wood with there hippy like parents, and...
  2. saliotthomas

    Tobias Wolff-Old school

    After spending a while with Wolff old school, i started to realise that i could clearly find similarity with some other works and more than that, a sort of familly of authors both English and American. All with the same sense of subtle irony about their characters, not hard because in many ways...
  3. saliotthomas

    Happy Birthday Abc

    She is a bit the adoptive virtual Mum to all of us in the forum.(even though sometime we are not far in age)and she travel around the world through books. So let's give Abc a hell of a applause. Well a very Happy Birthday Vicky, all the best to ye.
  4. saliotthomas

    Patrick McGrath: Asylium

    Maybe here or some other book place i remember someone wandering if Anna karenina had been set in recent years, the psychiatric side of her downfall would have been put forward. Asylium is the answer to that question and it's negation, because if passion and love can cause serious arm it can't...
  5. saliotthomas

    Richard Yates: Easter Parade

    It might become an habit but i started the years with Yates again and again was caught by is intimate knowlegde of humain shortcomings. What really strikes me is the strong tigh betwin the two books, it feel like to different stories in a major one. A bit like La comedie humaine of Balzac...
  6. saliotthomas

    Thomas Savage: The Power of the Dog

    This was impressive, and more than a little disturbing. It gives my reading year a certain logic, starting with Revlutionary road and finishing with The power of the dog, both about the power of destruction poeple have in a close relationship, and both perfectly constructed with a key...
  7. saliotthomas

    Your best books of this year.

    It's now or never. What are they, or just the one? Here is mine. The Classic heavyweight Lawrence Durrell-Justine/Balthazar Umberto Eco-The name of the rose Isaac Bashevis Singer - The Slave Mika Watari-Nuori Johannes Evelyn Waugh-Brideshead Revisited Miklos Banffy-They were...
  8. saliotthomas

    The Strain-Guillermo del Toro/Chuck Hogan

    And another Vampire story. The last i read was Midnight childreen by Dan Simmons and it was quite bad.So this came as a nice surprise. The start specialy is very good,with a plane strangely stranded after landing in New York.The vampire are of a different bread than the usual,more like "i'm a...
  9. saliotthomas

    Jon Ronson: The Men Who Stare at Goats

    For the first third of the book,i though it was a joke,a piss taking about conspiraty theorie,but no,it seem to but quite true(if a bit pulled by the air at times). The all story is about a special unit of Psychic warrior,the first earth battalion and Jedi warriors created after the trauma of...
  10. saliotthomas

    Recently Finished

    So our friend velocipede can keep us informed of his reading in a thread that deals with i.:D Per Petterson -To Siberia:stars3: Jim Harrison-A good day to die:stars5:
  11. saliotthomas

    Abyssal user-names

    Being on forum or other net things one get sample of pseudos that sometimes reach the limits-of good or bad actualy. Here are a few i saw recently. Melancoly-snipper(jesus) Super-mario-vargas-llossa(very good-on stewart forum) outraged-optimist(very good also-world lit again) and...
  12. saliotthomas

    Maddening Music

    You know like : The instrumental version of girls from Ipanema in elevators(blues brothers) The best of Simon and Garfunkel on the pan-flute in chinese restaurant. Instumental of Image when phoning the bank and they put you on wait.(fuckers) Or in most trendy places the" Lounge "...
  13. saliotthomas

    Larry Brown-Father and son

    Larry Brown-Father and son:stars5: Some would qualify this as a thrillers,and so would i, right beside "in a cold blood". A basic story of twisted lives that can't help but going for the worst,of atonment that can not happen. Nothing original here,a few easy strings pulled (like the heat with...
  14. saliotthomas

    Per Petterson: Out Stealing Horses

    This is a great book,not to long,and plainty happens all the way.Wild horse rides,the war,outdoor work,and the infinite lanscape of Norway. I like the slow construction of the story,the relations betwin characteres and their personality. The friend Jong not looking his father in the eye,then...
  15. saliotthomas

    Very calm...very very quiet...deadly

    Around here. A few ghost,empty corridors,creaking doors....
  16. saliotthomas

    Slayground-Richard Stark(Westlake)

    Great Parker,one of the best.(The 13th i read) Parker is stuck in a playground with a suitcase of money and 5 bullets in his gun after a amorcar robbery that's gone sour.A buch of tugs think him an easy target,they soon know better.Half the local mafia is called to the rescue and come out with...
  17. saliotthomas

    Bad luck

    I'm reading a book where the guy was born on the 29th of February. Any exemples?
  18. saliotthomas

    Generation of readers

    Or more caricatural " Is there authors for young and old?".Including ourself at different stages in life. Like i know my father would not be very interested in reading Easton Ellis, Murakami,Palahniuk or Irvin welch and he would be more into Irving,Roth,Miller and mccarthy.I take those because...
  19. saliotthomas

    Listen to it now because in 6 month you will have enough of it

    I know it a long Title thread but it does the work. Here she goes Sophie madeleine,she's cool,she's gone make it big. Sophie Madeleine
  20. saliotthomas

    Tim Severin: Corsair

    Hector Lynch is captured with is sister in a small Irish village of XVIIth century and brought to Algier.They are on different Corsairs boat and he looses her when he arrives in Algeria.On of his goal,among others, is to find what happen to her.Hector is now a slave but will change master a good...