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  1. RainbowGurl

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the forum :)
  2. RainbowGurl

    Hello from TX!

    Welcome to the forum, nice to see some new people. Are you anywhere near Tomball or have you heard if it?
  3. RainbowGurl

    How long do you spend on here?

    So how long do you all spend on Book & Reader forums? :)
  4. RainbowGurl

    I am new bee in this forum

    Welcome to the forum :)
  5. RainbowGurl

    William Golding: Lord Of The Flies

    I remember reading and watching the movie in my english class in school...many years ago now! I quite liked the book and movie, it was very well written and it was a pretty easy read if I remember.
  6. RainbowGurl

    What does your avatar mean & why did you choose it?

    My user name is RainbowGurl so I got a picture of a rainbow. I've had this avatar since I joined the site.
  7. RainbowGurl


    I like the drawing :)
  8. RainbowGurl

    Which e-reader do you own?

    I have recently been thinking about getting one but not sure which one would be the best?
  9. RainbowGurl

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forum Melanie.
  10. RainbowGurl


    Hopefully I typed the name in correctly otherwise I feel foolish. Just curious if anyone has one of these accounts? What is it like? I don't like signing up to a bunch of websites without other people giving a little bit of a review on it first, so let me know what you guys thinking of this...
  11. RainbowGurl

    Hey People

    Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your stay here :)
  12. RainbowGurl

    Hello from Spain

    Hola, welcome to the forum hope to see you around :)
  13. RainbowGurl

    It is I....

    Reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are? Happy birthday :)
  14. RainbowGurl

    Hi! Writer here

    What is paranormal romance? I don't think I heave heard of this. Welcome to the forum :)
  15. RainbowGurl


    I recently just got into romance books and was looking for the romance section on here but didn't see one, will this ever be created?
  16. RainbowGurl

    Welcome To The New Book & Reader

    Very interesting!
  17. RainbowGurl


    Welcome :)