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  1. DATo

    Very good portrayals of damaged psyche

    I think a very good example of what you are looking for can be found in Dostoyevsky's novel, Notes From The Underground. The novel is told in first-person-dialogue (the narrator often addresses the reader directly) by a man who is obviously deranged and suffering from numerous neurosis. The...
  2. DATo

    Lonely People

    Lonely People by DATo The red, double-decker bus threaded its way slowly down damp streets through the cold, early morning, English mist and fog. A young man stood at the door as the bus coasted to a stop. “Where ye off to with them flowers this time o’mornin mate?” asked the driver, as the...
  3. DATo

    Returning To The Playground (A poem)

    Returning To The Playground by DATo I see now dimly through my tears Through eyes which have known many years The playground of a distant day Where once I frolicked in my play With Tom and Frankie, Megan, Sue Squeaking swing chains - skies of blue. Oh, did we ever say goodbye, One to...
  4. DATo

    Recently Finished

    I read it too and also liked it very much. It didn't end the way I expected it to end though but that only made it better.
  5. DATo

    Moment Of Truth (short story)

    Moment Of Truth by DATo The test was positive. Mandy was pregnant. How would Don react? They had discussed starting a family before, but Don had felt that they should wait till they were more financially stable. They had met two years ago. He had wandered into the deli and asked for a pound...
  6. DATo

    The Exorcist... No Spoilers - semi review

    Thanks for the info. I never noticed those things when I read it. I have the book around here somewhere and I am going to have to give it another look with your views in mind. I'm glad you liked the book. It was enormously successful when it first came out as was the movie. If you haven't seen...
  7. DATo

    The Exorcist... No Spoilers - semi review

    I enjoyed this book a lot when I read it. Could you give some examples of Blatty's writing that you find confusing? I don't remember having any difficulty with any of it. Keep in mind that this story has many references to the Roman Catholic Church so perhaps the terms you are having trouble...
  8. DATo

    March 2012: Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles

    Below: One of my favorite "first read" moments in all of literature. Another was the "Hey Boo." moment from Mockingbird; another, what actually happened in Ender's last "game" from Ender's Game. You get up, hold your head in your hands, walk around the room about three times and then sit down...
  9. DATo

    Midwinter Sacrifice (aka Midwinter Blood) by Mons Kallentoft

    I was surprised upon searching this forum to find that no one has mentioned Midwinter Blood, by Mons Kallentoft or the subsequent stories by this talented Swedish author. Though I normally do not read detective stories a friend touted this book so highly that I put it on my reading list two...
  10. DATo

    Annoyed With A Giveaway

    There are people who make a living wheeling and dealing on the internet. A friend of mine told me that his daughter (adult) would dumpster dive for books which were being discarded at schools and other places and then put the books up for sale on eBay and Craigslist. He told me in one year she...
  11. DATo

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    The Lincoln book I mentioned above seems to have spurred an interest in me to read more about American presidents. I just completed John Adams, by David McCullough and was once more blown away by an exceptionally well-written book. I have come to the conclusion that most Americans are taught...
  12. DATo

    The Stage - A poem

    Excellent Peder! I enjoyed this very much.
  13. DATo

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Finally getting around to reading Team Of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I'm only on page 200 of this 750 page book but I am already blown away by the depth of research which must have gone into this project. Each page has something interesting to offer about the people and the times being...
  14. DATo

    Horror Authors

    Try this DATo guy out. Personally I think he is a bit of a bore but some people like this sort of drivel. http://www.bookandreader.com/threads/werewolf.27090/
  15. DATo

    A Quiz With A Twist - What Book Is This ?

    Many of the comparisons offered by the website you posted are, in the main, generalizations. The items mentioned in my original post are specifics.
  16. DATo

    A Quiz With A Twist - What Book Is This ?

    "To be fair" ... the post provides literal (not vague) descriptions of facts pertaining to Ender's Game. I admit the whole point of the post is to be found in the twist but no trickery was employed as may be inferred by the fact that regdog arrived at the correct answer. "Most books" are NOT...
  17. DATo

    Genesis Revisited

    This is not my work but I found it to be hilarious and wanted to share it with you. I cannot find the names of the original authors - there were two of them. It was originally called 'Toasters From God'. In the beginning God created Dates. And the date was Monday, July 4, 4004 B.C. And God...
  18. DATo

    Recently Finished

    753C It is fairly short and an easy read though the main character uses some slang which is a bit hard at first to make sense of. I swear to God you can hear this kid actually talking when you read it. It's an amazingly creative effort and in my opinion quite original in its storyline. Just...
  19. DATo

    A Quiz With A Twist - What Book Is This ?

    Regdog, I'm gonna give you a "thumbs up" and a "like" for being so perceptive. I posted this some time ago on another forum and it generated a lot of replies (all shock that it wasn't HP of course) but absolutely no one made the connection to Ender's Game. Nicely done!
  20. DATo

    A Quiz With A Twist - What Book Is This ?

    Thank you for the "like" SuperReaderGirl! Personally, I think it was more than just coincidence: there are too many similarities. It is my understanding that Rowling sued another author for "borrowing" from her work. Orsen Scott Card, commenting upon this said words to the effect that Rowling...