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    John Fowles: The French Lieutenant's Woman

    I need help. I have to write a 15-page essay on The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles, but I cannot find any analyses of this novel. If anyone could give me any hints about what the author wanted to say, I would be very grateful.
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    Comic books vs. books

    A lot of people say that comic books are of a lesser value than a "real" books; that comic strips belong to a culture of pictures, so are good enough for those who spend their free time watching TV or surfing the Net. It is widely belief that comic books are an obstacle on the way to reading...
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    Pierre Choderlos de Laclos: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    To prepare a ground for discussion on dangerous Liaisons by de Laclos, here are some questions: 1. Was Valmont really in love with Madame de Tourfel? 2. Is Cecily a material for a second Marquise in the future? 3. Why did Valmont do anything that Marquise wanted him to do? 5. Why did...
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    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly...
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    US Open

    Last Grand Slam of the year starts today... Any predictions? Wishes? Expectations?
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    Czeslaw Milosz

    A great Polish poet and novelist, winner of a Nobel Prize, Czeslaw Milosz died in Cracov at age 93. What a loss for the world of poetry. CAMPO DI FIORI (Rescue) In Rome on the Campo dci Fiori Baskets of olives and lemons, Cobbles spattered with wine And the wreckage of flowers. Vendors...
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    Snape: a question

    This is a question for all Harry's fans, or anyone who has a theory about this. A member of which house was Snape, when he attended Hogwart?
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    Polish books

    Out of pure curiosity: we write here about works of different authors, from different countries, all over the world. So, I wonder if you have ever read, or at least heard about any book by a Polish author? I'd like to know if any of my writing compatriots is famous outside my country. ;) Thanks...
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    Is anyone watching Roland Garros now? There is a thread on hockey, and as I don't watch hockey at all, but I do enjoy tennis. Watching, not playing. ;) So, now, when last year winners Henin-Hardenne and Ferrero are out, who do you think may win?
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    Too many pages?

    Greed of a bookworm has no limits. Or maybe it has? Have you ever given up reading a book, because it was too long?
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    Keats' sonnet

    There is a poem by one of my favourite poets Robert Frost "Take something like a star" where another poem - a sonnet by Keats is mentioned. It seems like it's a very famous work, which is widely known. Since I don't know any of Keats' poems, I feel like I cannot enjoy Frost's poem as much as I...
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    I like you!

    Something sweet
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    Troy-what are they going to do?

    There's going to be a SPOILER in this post, so beware! I've been waiting impatiently for "Troy" - up till now. I've just read on The New York Times website, that Agamemnon and Menelaus will be killed! That makes no sense, don't you think? I'm afraid to think which other "improvements" to...
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    One first book

    Imagine yourself such a hypotetical situation: you meet a person who have never read a single book, in all his/her life. Which one book would you suggest to this person to read in order to spark a desire to go on with reading and why?
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    Hamlet's age

    I suppose that many of you had to know Shakespeare's drama literally by heart, but I didn't, so I'm coming up with this question. In the book it's clearly stated, that prince of Denmark must be about thirty years old - it's definitely an adult age now, let alone in former times. Despite of that...
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    Changes in film adaptations

    It's obvious, that changes in film adaptations of the books are inevitable. A film can't be an exact image of a book. Some scenes/plots/characters must be added, other cut off. But how far can these changes go? Because we can get to the point where only some names are really the same, and due to...
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    History in books

    Action of numerous fiction books takes place in the past. What's more, there are often real people portrayed as well as imaginary ones. However, the real characters' deeds or misdeeds are often deliberately changed, or they are presented in a different way than in historical analyses. For...
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    Selling your books

    Have you ever - and why - sold any of your books? If so, was it hard to part with them or were you rather happy that you could get rid of them?
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    Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master And Margarita

    Has anyone read this novel by Mikhail Bulgakov and would like to share his/her opinions about it?
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    Modern art

    Do you like modern art? I mean things like: - pictures presenting "three white lines on the white background" - an artist peeling potatoes in an art gallery - and so on... Is it just an empty provocation, a try to have a five minutes of fame, or maybe something more? I think this...