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  1. SevenWritez

    Gillian Flynn: Sharp Objects

    I'd like to make a reader's confession: I have been incapable of enjoying anything for the last month. I began Salem's Lot by Stephen King, made it to page 378 and tossed it. I made it to page 800 in It and tossed it. I began The Haunting of Hill House, tossed that as well. A countless number of...
  2. SevenWritez

    Guess who's back! (Back! Back!) Back Again!

    http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/2859 Ooooooh, Yeeeeaaah.
  3. SevenWritez

    You've got to be kidding me (Stephen King's Duma Key)

    One thing I look forward to when awaiting the the announcement of a new book from an author whose writing I enjoy is the revealing of said book's new cover. Cell was kind of lame. Lisey's Story put me off a bit (and then pissed me off when I saw the beautiful cover art for it's paper back...
  4. SevenWritez

    Golly, when will they ever learn?

    I like BOOKS, because I like BOOKS, not some fucking iPod or Gameboy with letters on it. When I want my iPod, I use my iPod, when I want my PSP, I use my PSP. Reading off a screen is a pain in the ass, and dull, and boring, and books just feel better. Anyhow, what're your thoughts...
  5. SevenWritez

    The End

    This is something I recently wrote and had fun putting out, even though it turned into something I hadn't planned. And the subject topic isn't entirely original, either, but I suppose that's why it turned out short. Anyhow, criticism is very appreciated and eagerly asked for. If you want to tear...
  6. SevenWritez

    Katrina Kittle: The Kindness Of Strangers

    No, that's not the title of the book I'm about to praise, but it is the phrase that rushed through my head like a metronome while reading it. Anyhow, I haven't been able to find anything to read as of late, and though the abundance of books has been great, the feeling of being pleased has been...
  7. SevenWritez

    Stephen King: The Shining

    Well, I just finished earlier today what I'm sure is considered one of Stephen King's "classics." However--and I'll give him benefit of the doubt for this, still being in the early stages of his career--I found the story to be a bit flat, and was freaked to see that the magnificent colossus The...
  8. SevenWritez

    Our First Attempts

    The cut-off from the beginning of a titled thread here caught my attention. "Your first chapter..." and what I originally thought was behind these words instead led to something entirely different. But it got me thinking. I'm guessing most people here have at one time or another attempted to...
  9. SevenWritez

    Khaled Hosseini: A Thousand Splendid Suns

    I'm on page 107, and so far, thank you God, this second novel is living up to what made The Kite Runner such a great story. To anyone who has not read The Kite Runner, do so (and if you picked it up and were bored by the beginning, then you are forgiven; but no more, go back, wade through the...
  10. SevenWritez

    Ted Dekker

    So like, there's this guy, right? He like, writes stuff. So like, I read a few of his stuff, right? He like, is kind of good. So like, there's no thread of him here, right? He like, kind of deserves one. Anyhow, he's dubbed a "Christian novelist," which doesn't make much sense to me since the...
  11. SevenWritez

    Murder, Murder

    Another short story from Creative Writing, but much smaller than Flames, and much easier to follow. We were told to write a diary of anyone. Originally I was going to make a parody of Jesus "NO ONE LISTHENS TO ME GUYTHS, IM SERIOUS HERE, I WANT TO THAVE YOU!" but my story-mode kicked in. This is...
  12. SevenWritez


    EDIT: The story is easier to read with italics and the change in font (only for the letter scene), so I apologize if the dialogue scenes become a bit confusing. I'm too lazy to toy with the tool bar in this posting window. However, it should still be follow...followable. This is a short...
  13. SevenWritez

    Some poems

    After reading enough poems here, I've decided to post a few of the ones I've written. I don't know where they came from, but about a month or two back, I was taken by a sudden urge to write the crap, and I sat there for a day or two just writing loads of things I didn't even understand or want...
  14. SevenWritez

    The Epic Trilogy Comes to A Close.

    And so God said, "let there be writers." And the writers came forth. And when God saw what he created, he said "son of a bitch..." And the writers said "what?" And God answered "99% of you suck. The other 1%...you go write Harry Potter."
  15. SevenWritez

    A Sequel

    Many a travellers have come forth to the land of Myspace, only to be swayed by it's alluring gravitation, taken in by it's mediocrity and swayed even further by fake breasts, pastey white kids, and dip-sticks who think that holding a camera to your face at a 45 degree angle makes you cool. Yes...
  16. SevenWritez

    A Story

    Once upon a time, a young lad had set sail on a voyage both intimidating yet fascinating. He had heard of the Atlantic, the Pacific, but the sea he was about to sail across had its own mysteries to unravel. Ze Internet. Ze internet was a scar-y place, and little Boy Blue-Pole (as his name...