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  1. K

    A Prayer for Owen Meany?

    Hello all-thanks for reading: Am looking for an emotive, engrossing read. Currently reading The Great Santini and am a huge Conroy fan but half way through the week and i'm honestly not loving the story (nor do I like the lead character). Thinking about dropping it and reading Owen Meany.
  2. K

    Recommendation for a book about relationships/family?

    Hello all-thanks for reading: I'm in the mood for a great dramatic read...something emotive, that involves various types of relationships and maybe family life? I know that's a little vague but maybe something along the lines of The Prince of Tides or The Kite Runner? I just want a great...
  3. K

    Has anyone read the "Uncut" version of Stephen King's "The Stand"?

    Ive read the original cut verison (about 20 yrs ago) and I remembered loving it. Now theres the uncut version whihc is about 400 pages longer. Is it worth reading the longer, uncut version or should I just try and get a hold on a used copy of the original?
  4. K

    Looking for some recommendations:

    Dont know what I am really looking for exactly; really anything that is gripping, well written, emotive, etc. Some of my recent great reads: Shantaram The Road The Prince of Tides Middlesex Ideas?
  5. K

    Can someone recommend a really engagin, intereseting non-fiction read?

    I know that's a very vague request but I think I should be relatively easy to please as I have read very few non-fiction books. I dont care what the sub-genre is. As long as you loved it, found it engaging and informative, im in! Thanks. FYI-recently read Into Thin Air which I found to...
  6. K

    Something along the lines of "the Prince of Tides"?

    Hi- Recently finished this classic by Conroy and it may be one of, if not the best book I have ever read. Beautiful story; incredible charcters, heartwarming/emotive, at times shocking/disturbing, funny...it has everything. And last but not least, really well written. Can anyone...