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  1. Tony119

    The Pomegranate Seed

    From The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton. Set last century in a wealthy US household. The happiness of a marriage is eroded over the years by the intermittent appearance of letters left for the husband. The writing on the envelope is in a woman's hand, strong but so pale as to be almost...
  2. Tony119

    Stevie Smith: Is there life beyond the gravy?

    I came across this in The Oxford Book of Modern Women's Stories. For me it was the stand-out in a very good collection, but I think it has to be read not described.
  3. Tony119


    Hello and welcome
  4. Tony119

    Salutations and greetings!

    Welcome, from another newcomer to B&R
  5. Tony119

    Hillary Mantel: Wolf Hall (Winner of the Booker Price)

    Yes the Wolf Hall series are first rate novels. You get a wonderfully deep and subtle reading of the character of Thomas Cromwell. Martel presents him as a forward looking man fighting the corrupt backward residue of feudalism. While very unsentimental he is gentle and compassionate to the weak...
  6. Tony119

    Margo Lanagan

    Just wanted to put in a word for Margo Lanagan. She combines fantasy, sci fi, and horror, with occasional social commentary, in YA short stories. One of my favourites: 'Under Hell, Over Heaven' (in her Red Spikes collection): a group of teens are stuck in purgatory, couriers between paradise -...