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    Are you Obsessed with Message Boards?

    Many of us enjoy these message boards with informative and fun topics. I admit that I do feel guilty spending so much time on these boards when I should be doing something more productive than wasting time. Do anyone else feel the same way or I am the only one? Just curious.
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    Fun Game--1 or 2

    Here are the rules: A. Answer the question in the last post. One word or your extended reaction: your choice. Q. Pose a new 1 or 2 question. Example: ______________________________ Post 1 Q. Coke or Pepsi ______________________________ A. Pepsi Q. Coffee or Tea...
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    Do You Believe in Previous or after Life?

    People have strong opinions! But the opinion varies from person to person, from culture to culture, from nation to nation.. I am just curious what do you think about all these concepts of previous life, after life, carnation, reincarnation..? Please share your views. I will start. NO previous...
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    Change One word..Join for fun

    Join and have fun. It's good to take break from serious stuff. You change just one of the words and do it that it makes sense. If you don't like particular set of words, you can change by adding or deleting one letter. Let me start and give example: Snow white White clouds cloud sun...
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    Random Question..Keep posting

    Our mind is always thinking something. What's on your mind? Just post a question and get off your chest ... no rules, just random questions .... Are we happier today?
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    Newby from Mtn House, California

    I am a non-fiction author. I like to know your interests and invite you to be in my circle of friends. I have recently published some of my titles on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. All of these 12 books fall under self-help and spiritual series.
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    Is it Cover or the Content that Sells the Book?

    I see lot of emphases on covers. That reminds me the old saying: "Don't judge book by the cover." I don't mean to undermine the importance of cover. But I still believe in old saying that content is more important. What does the other writers and readers think?
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    Why is Spirituality important?

    Hello from California. One of my interests is to understand spirituality which is becoming the modern day religion. Not as a blind faith but something that can be of value in everyday living. Many of us wonder what spirituality is or what it does??? Spirituality serves to supplement and...
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    New to this forum

    Hi everyone: I am a non-fiction author. I like to know your interest and invite you to be in my circle of friends. drdln