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  1. janedoesbooks17

    Divergent fans, where u at?

    i liked the books verry much i havent scene the movies yet
  2. janedoesbooks17

    foodie mysteries

    i also enjoyed the halamark movies also
  3. janedoesbooks17

    What are you listening to Right now?

    down to the bone there a jazz group there awesome the song is star gazer
  4. janedoesbooks17

    errors in Lee Child book

    oh i heard the newer jack reacher novels were not any good . what a pitty i enjoyed the series so much
  5. janedoesbooks17

    Hello, anyone here this evening

    im thinking of starting not a happy family is it any good?
  6. janedoesbooks17

    Recently Finished

    the guest list it was great book
  7. janedoesbooks17


    i like some of there songs
  8. janedoesbooks17


    hi nice to meet you cant wait to explore this site and make some new freinds