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  1. Lincoln Rhyme

    Lunar Legend Tsukihime: Volume 1: Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air

    Summary: Introducing Arcueid Brunestud, probably one of the most not-vampires I've ever seen. After being cut up by Shiki Touhno, a mild mannered high schooler, she needs him to protect. For reasons that are still unknown to me so far. Shiki Touhno has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, a...
  2. Lincoln Rhyme

    George R.R. Martin: A Storm of Swords

    SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ A GAME OF THRONES OR A CLASH OF KINGS!!!!!! Plot Summary: Thanks to the events at the end of A Clash of Kings, Stannis Baratheon is beaten and has withdrawn. Now, all the kings are preparing to make a final blow against the other, and the clash...
  3. Lincoln Rhyme

    George R.R. Martin: A Clash of Kings

  4. Lincoln Rhyme

    George R.R. Martin: A Game of Thrones

    Summary: Jon Arryn is dead, and The Stark family is called upon to investigate. Soon after, trouble starts brewing, as deception becomes more plentiful and armies being raised. My opinion: Now this is how you write a fantasy novel! Long and drawn out descriptions of land for 6 pages is boring...
  5. Lincoln Rhyme

    F. Paul Wilson: The Tomb

    Summary: Repairman Jack is his name. He doesn't fix machinery, but rather problems for people. He has no record in the record books, and he likes it that way. Jack has been hired to get back a necklace from a person who has diplomatic immunity. What jack doesn't know, is that this necklace...
  6. Lincoln Rhyme


    Has any of the anime fans here seen Fate/Zero yet? It has to been one of the greatest anime's in a long time. This series is the prequel to Fate/Stay Night,which was a decent anime series. This anime improves upon everything that Fate/Stay Night was suppose to be. The cast is great. If they...
  7. Lincoln Rhyme

    Hell on Wheels, a western AMC original

    Trailer can found here I am really looking forward to this, I love westerns and I love AMC. The story will be probably be very dark, since it will take place in Hell on Wheels(the city that moves with the railroad), and it's rumored that somebody died everyday. Union soldiers as well as...
  8. Lincoln Rhyme

    Greg Iles: The Quiet Game

    Plot Synopsis: Penn Cage is a lawyer from Albuquerque, Texas. He has come back to his home Natchez, Mississippi, to mourn the loss of his wife. Cage soon gets involved in a case that happened back in 1968, a car bombing of a man. He soon gets into a web of deception and murder as the case...
  9. Lincoln Rhyme

    How do you keep track of your to-reads?

    Long ago when I had no access to the Internet, I would carry around wads of paper to the library to see what I wanted. My to-read list started to grow to horrific levels, until I couldn't carry all that paper. So I went online when I got my computer and did some research. I found a good book...
  10. Lincoln Rhyme

    Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child: Cabinet of Curiosities

    Enter Special Agent Pendergast, probably the weirdest fictional detective you'll ever meet. Summary: Summary: Special Agent Pendergast is on a very weird case. It seems that a graveyard of butchered bodies has been discovered. Pendergast then sets on loan mission to find the murderer, with...
  11. Lincoln Rhyme

    Andy Whitfield has died of cancer :(.

    I loved Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Andy was awesome as Spartacus. R.I.P. Bringer of Rain :(.
  12. Lincoln Rhyme

    Micheal Connelly: 9 Dragons

    Summary: Harry Bosch is assigned a homicide call in South L.A. that takes him to Fortune Liquors, where the Chinese owner has been shot to death behind the counter in an apparent robbery. Joined by members of the department's Asian Crime Unit, Bosch relentlessly investigates the killing and...
  13. Lincoln Rhyme

    What shows are you watching this Fall?

    Most of the television networks have presented their new and returning shows for the fall,so the question is,what are you gonna watch? My list- 1. Hell On Wheels(AMC)- The new western on AMC, featuring a cool vengeance story centered around the building of the Transcontinental Railroad...
  14. Lincoln Rhyme

    Jim Butcher: Ghost Story

    It's been a long time since I've been here. Gettin' prepared for my senior year in high school and all. Summary: Well last time we left our badass hero Harry Dresden, he wasn't doing so well. In fact he had been shot and killed! Now Dresden has been sent by a police squad in the afterlife...
  15. Lincoln Rhyme

    Looks like the first Chapter of Ghost Story by Jim Butcher is up.

    Ghost Story - Jim Butcher - Penguin Extras - Penguin Group (USA) I read it during 2nd period after finishing all my work. I gotta say,this book seems to take Dresden to a whole new level of epicness. It's going to be a great July :D. Down below is a quote from the first page of Ghost Story. Do...
  16. Lincoln Rhyme

    Breaking Bad

    I am currently watching the encore episodes of Breaking Bad in preparation for the upcoming of Season 4. I'm glad that AMC chose to play the encores so I could catch up to this awesome show. It should be called Breaking BadAss. The first episode of season 3 came on last night. This is an...
  17. Lincoln Rhyme

    Michael Connelly: The Scarecrow

    Plot: Crime reporter Jack McEvoy is at the end of his rope. His boss just told him that he has two weeks left in the office. The only reason they didn't kick him out there is because he has a replacement to train. Now Jack is looking to write his biggest story yet,and go out with a bigger bang...
  18. Lincoln Rhyme

    Jack Higgins: Eye of The Storm

    Plot: Sean Dillon is a terrorist for hire. He has been hired by Saddam Hussein to do something big to show that they are not to be screwed with. My opinion: It was alright. Most of the characters seemed bland,but the plot was half-way suspenseful. Dillon was an alright protagonist,but not...
  19. Lincoln Rhyme

    So Beth Revis, my English II teacher, is officially an author.

    It's alright so far. Revis has always been my favorite English teacher,and the only one I didn't get into huge argument with all the time. Than again,I've never been a big fan of teen novels. For some odd reason,the protagonists are more serious than most of the adults in the fiction genre.
  20. Lincoln Rhyme

    So, I got a PS3 for Christmas

    Here are the games I bought for it: 1.Assassin's Creed II:I got to open this gift early,and I love it 2.Splinter Cell: Double Agent: I've played Chaos Theory and Double Agent on the PS2,and I can't wait to play this. 3.Red Dead Redemption: I love westerns,so I had to have this game 4.God of War...