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Search results

  1. amanda_ecj


    just wondering if there is a way that I can change my username, I got married and I will be officially changing my last name shortly so I am trying to get everything changed and my current username won't make sense anymore :) if anyone could assist that would be great :)
  2. amanda_ecj


    I would like to ask you all some advice about dreaming. I know a lot of people want to be able to dream vividly and remember their dreams but o am sick of it. My dreams are full of my fears and insecurities and I have no idea how to stop them. Most nights I wake up feeling as though I have...
  3. amanda_ecj

    Real Crime

    I am currently in a Criminology program in University and I am just wondernig if anyone has some suggestions for a really good book based on Real Crime. When I say Real Crime it could be things like unsovled cases, anything about serial killers, etc. So if you have any suggestions that would...
  4. amanda_ecj

    Southern Ontario Readers

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for anyone who enjoys reading as much as I do in the Southern Ontario region :)
  5. amanda_ecj

    Sort of New

    I'm not completely new here, it has just been quite some time since I have been on and I really miss it and hope to be welcomed back into the Book and Reader forums :) I am finally on the LAST book of the Dark Tower series! Has anyone read the series? (by Stephen King)
  6. amanda_ecj

    How do you find the time?

    I wanted to know how all of you find the time to read? I am so busy with school and work. I am just really curious how you have the time to read all these books plus follow all the threads?:confused:
  7. amanda_ecj


    Hi my name is Amanda. I'm 17. I am in high school and have a part time job. i am heading to university next year. I like to play darts and I LOVE reading and enjoy talking to people about books but many of my friends do not like reading. That's why I am glad I found this! Just so Stephen King...