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    Michael Ende: The Neverending Story

    I read it when I was 15 and really enjoyed it. I think everybody who likes fantasy should like it. I don't know if I would enjoy it as much as an adult, though. Maybe I will try to read it again... There was a film after the book but it was really weak compared to the book (plus it was only...
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    What are you reading now (end of september)?

    I've finished Elizabeth George's "Playing for the Ashes" and just started the book of the month for October: "The Hobbit", but I've only read about 10 pages so it's a bit early to form an opinion.:) What is everybody else reading?
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    Hardcovers or paperbacks?

    Reading the thread about bookmarks and folding pages makes me think about something else: Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks ? I think hardcovers look nicer on shelves but I definitely prefer paperbacks. The reason? First because they are cheaper, then because I read mainly in bed and...
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    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I think that a nice bookmark adds to the pleasure of reading. But since I'd hate to spend money on a bookmark, I make my own, with scraps of colored and textured paper, autumn leaves, etc. I was wondering what everybody else use as a bookmark? Do some of you simply fold the corner of the page ?
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    What you can do with a book besides reading it

    I've just finished Michael Ondaatje's "The English Patient", and there is a scene in it, where Hana, one of the characters, uses piles of books to replace missing stairs that collapsed when the house she temporarily lives in was bombed (the action takes place in Italy, during WWII). So I was...
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    How do you choose the book you'll read next ?

    I don't know if it is the case for other people, but sometimes when I finish a book, I have a hard time deciding what I'll read next. I have to have several books to chose from, and then I try to analyze what mood I'm in and what book seems to correspond better to that mood. For instance...
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    Mystery A-Z Game

    What about an A-Z game only for mysteries and thrillers? First name, surname or title... A for Agatha Christie ;)
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    Movies adapted from Stephen King's books

    What's your favorite? The obvious answer is The Shining with scary Jack Nicholson but there have been fine TV miniseries too (I'm thinking about "The Langoliers", "The Tommyknockers" or "The Stand). Actually, I prefer the miniseries because they last 4 or 6 hours and are generally closer...
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    I've recently watched "Impostor", which is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. I thought it was one of the worst sci-fi movie ever! A chase that lasted one hour and a half... No suspense, no real surprise, nothing... I was wondering if anybody has read the story it's based on? Is it any...
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    Hi everybody

    Hi, I just joined as a member and thought I'd introduced myself. Like everybody here, I love reading and talking about books I've read. I like many different genres and my favorite authors are: Jane Austen Charlotte Bronte Emile Zola Maupassant Umberto Eco Arturo...