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  1. fluffy bunny

    Premium Member - No Ad Browsing

    not signed in for a few yrs. One of the things I've noticed is the sheer number of ads making the forum difficult to browse on a mobile phone. Granted you need to cover hosting costs etc but surely a balance can be struck between ads and usability? Not wanting to go down the ad blocker route
  2. fluffy bunny

    Batman Reading Order

    It can be a bit of a tricky subject. To start with stating the obvious, Batman's one of DC's most lucrative properties. There's plenty of spinoffs and variants on the batman theme, and he makes regular cameos in most of DC's less popular costumed hero lines. Add to that the duration of time...
  3. fluffy bunny

    Bookshelf Quandary

    Varies - to start with, went alphabetical. Things change when you get overspill from 1 set of shelves to the next. One shelf has 2 rows of books, one in front of the other. So one set of shelves has all my fantasy and sf masterworks (same binding). Another has a load of hardbacks, another...
  4. fluffy bunny

    Swine Flu Concerns?

    Well have had another 4 confirmed cases in the last week which I've been in contact with (comes with being a front line doc for paediatrics). To be fair it's actually milder than normal flu and the media's blown the thing out of proportion. The only consideration is that by definition pandemic...
  5. fluffy bunny

    Why Join an Online Forum?

    - It's hard enough to find a reading group. It's not as popular a hobby as 50 years ago. When you do, you'll find that the sheer no of books around mean that you may find it difficult to find readers who share the same taste in books. The net just puts you in contact with a greater no of people...
  6. fluffy bunny

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Well I'm a fan of acoustic stuff in general Between the Bars
  7. fluffy bunny

    Real pictures of you

    The entire thread's gone to the dogs Ok I'll play
  8. fluffy bunny

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Alice in Chains - Rotten Apple Hey Ah Na Na Oh - take a bottle, drink it down. Pass it around... Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary
  9. fluffy bunny

    Very nice forum

    Welcome aboard. All that we ask is that you throw your litter in the bin and not all over the floor (the culprits know who they are).
  10. fluffy bunny

    What new TV shows are you watching?

    I've recently started watching supernatural as well and loving it. Not for hot blokes mind you but the show's nice and different. Instead of a sf show, it's based on horror and all those urban legends that are floating around. 2 guys not just investigating but facing head on the things that go...
  11. fluffy bunny

    Last seen...

    Finally got around to watching the Dark Knight. I've always been a comic fan and Batman in particular but I went into it expecting it to be really good but was left disappointed compared to Batman Begins which had the fanboy pulse racing. Far too long IMHO (was there really a need to bring...
  12. fluffy bunny

    Last seen...

    Treasure of the Sierra Madre - overhyped IMHO
  13. fluffy bunny

    Last seen...

    watched slumdog millionaire. Reminded me of City of God but different. Not an easy watch but very well done. One of the better films I've seen at the cinema for sometime (well since the 3rd Bourne as I missed the Dark Knight which is unusual for a Batman comic fan).
  14. fluffy bunny

    Need a new VAMPIRE book

    Hmm vamps. Generally what I'd recommend: I am Legend - Matheson (but it's more a survival horror) Stoker's Dracula isn't bad The Keep -F Paul Wilson - more a suspensful actioner with Nazis etc rather than vamps in modern society Fevre Dream - GRR Martin. Vamps on a trip down the Missisipi...
  15. fluffy bunny

    3rd annual B&R SECRET SANTA

    Try this one - go to your user CP (top left of the screen). User options (left hand column) Scroll down to default thread age cut off - set it to 'show all threads' Otherwise the forum tries to only show threads from the last few months/yr when you browse/search. (most threads older...
  16. fluffy bunny

    Graphic Novel/Comic Books for Kids

    My comic knowledge is 2 or 3 yrs out of whack. Ideally you need to find a regular monthly title to give them something to lookforward to- try the person behind the desk of your local comic store and then pick up and thumb through an issue before purchace. Good comics appeal to adults and...
  17. fluffy bunny

    Last seen...

    On an eastern binge at the mo. Watched: -Ong Bak. Alright no plot but that's not really why you watch martial arts films. The lack of wirework and CGI made a refreshing change. The fight where the bar ends up trashed was pretty well choreographed and makes the admission price alone. -Bang...
  18. fluffy bunny

    Series aimed at a more mature audience?

    Think you meant The Blade Itself (only just finished the first book myself). Great characters and well written fight scenes but it does take ages to move along plotwise - even longer than Harry Potter 5 did. Have you peeked at Stover's Heroes die yet?
  19. fluffy bunny

    amazon used books

    With used books, generally I've had good experiences (I guess it's no worse than ebay). However if you're looking for specific editions of a book (eg a hardcover of a book you love) be sure to ask the seller a lot of questions before ordering as I've had 2 people send me crappy BCA hardbacks...
  20. fluffy bunny

    David Brin: Woop! Woop!

    I've only read the first uplift trilogy. My favourite was Startide Rising with the renegade dolphins. I don't see what people have against Sundiver (yes it can get a bit technical but if you liked Ben Bova's stuff, Sindiver's an ideal intro to Brin). Uplift war was a little long but still an...