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    Question Game

    Don't have REOCCURING nightmares. Don't have strange NIGHTMARES. One strange dream (that I still can't interprete)was that I saw a fat man (seemed to be a professor,and who didn't wear a shirt) eating green pears and avocados with the rest of the students in the classroom. I aspired to encounter...
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    China Plans To Build 32 New Nuclear Plants

    To make bombs at her own house's backyard seems to be better (though I haven't figured out in which sense it is better) to invade other's house (masked by a big politic term) for oil.
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    Happy Birthday Sirmyk!

    Too late. But still, best wishes to you, Sirmyk. :)
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    The Equilibrium of Happiness

    What I wanted to say was that I quite doubted the statement I quoted in my previous post. If it was correct based on researches, then I guessed there was always exceptions.
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    Alternative Hobbies

    Felt like drawing at the start of 2006, so just got myself a beginners'book for drawing. Actually, charcoal drawing, or you may just say pencil. *grins*
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    Happy Birthday Stewart!

    Hello, DS, what kind of chinese songs? aye...curious. Stewart, it's too late to say happy birthday to you, but, ermm, Best wishes to you.
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    The Equilibrium of Happiness

    Ah... something interesting. But a different voice as to this one:"A poor person who really gets into her garden or cooking bean soup and volunteering at a local hospital is probably going to be happier more often than a wealthy executive who spends a lot of time on planes, in hotels, in...
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    Pease explain why this is art.

    Should it, art I mean, have anything to do, at least, with aesthetic value? The statement only doesn't always justify its sense of beauty in itself, I suppose? I thought all the above opinions boiled down to the conception of what is art? I checked the dictionary.com, here it goes: #...
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    Have we lost Stewart too?

    I thought he might need to clear his mail-box??
  10. C


    lol I was thinking about how I could achieve the 2nd step.
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    I just didn't understand what it was the reason that this thread was given 4 stars.:confused: But, anyway, I didn't care.
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    The best movies you never heard of

    schiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:) ,yeah, I heard a lot about that Yojimbo, but unluckily I couldn't get a DVD on it. I wondered what you guys think about Kitano Takeshi (his link @http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001429/ By the way, I've not heard about Mikhail Zoshchenko. Ermm, what do you think about his...
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    The best movies you never heard of

    I remembered that I have seen twice that Ladyhawk, but I might be blind to see any excellency in that movie. I would like to be helped out there. Why did you guys think it was a really good one movie? I am really curious to know something in the movie that I might have missed. Really good...
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    new years plans

    Went to the church, heard the reality version of Ava Maria (beautyful voice); then went to the party where happened to have a nice time and where met a couple of new friends; now was watching the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra on the TV, waiting for the bell of 2006. Happy new year to all those who...
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    Death Kit, anyone?

    Woops. Sorry. I found one here:http://forums.thebookforum.com/showthread.php?t=1012&highlight=Susan+Sontag 2nd one:http://forums.thebookforum.com/showthread.php?t=7990&page=7&highlight=Susan+Sontag (urgh................ seemed that her books probably fall into my...
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    Death Kit, anyone?

    Does anyone here know something about Susan Sontag? Have you ever read one her books? I wondered what you would be your opinion about her book, Death kit Link:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0385267118/103-8412593-2927051?v=glance&n=283155 Thank you.
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    Old Christmas Threads (gifts, well wishes, etc)

    lend me a bit of place to say... Although hesitated for a while, yet ... My special wishes for a friend (whom I thought I lost his contact forever...). Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Jeremy. :) Bobby, I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas too! Enjoy your holiday! Take care you guys.
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    General Knowledge

    hehe. Okay. Just ignore me. (I didn't carefully read its content.:p ) Have a nice day.
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    Napoleon Dynamite

    Then let me think that the life like that isn't unlovely at all. To Miss shelf: I guess one has to be patient enough to pass that first 15 or 30 minutes. Or whatever. :)
  20. C

    Napoleon Dynamite

    Watched this one at 4 in the morning. It did not give any boisterous dialogues/conversations, or scenic pictures. At first I was even mistaken in thinking that it was a movie about retarded people or something. I knew I was wrong now. To me, most part of the film progressed slowly (or...