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    Favorite Manga of all time

    My favourites animes are Yami No Matsuei, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Macross Plus, Fake, X, Akira, Amon Saga and Angel Sanctuary. tsuzuki
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    Favorite Manga of all time

    I have only read a couple so far but plan on reading lots more :) The two I have read to date and thoroughly enjoyed are 'Fake' and 'Priest.' tsuzuki
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    Now Reading

    I have read a few recently both in Manga and graphic novels. I also bought a few collector's comics of late but haven't read them yet. The manga books, my first, were Tokyopops 'Priest' by Min-Woo Hyung which is terrific . I read vol 4 which is like the introduction so it is a bit early to ay...
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    The game XIII is due to be released shortly and the trailers look really good. David Duchovny will be voicing the main character. tsuzuki