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    Home pages

    Just curious... What do you have as your home page on your browser set to? Mine used to be Google, but now it's Wikipedia I really like the new articles you get every day, and plus if I want information I turn to Wikipedia where once I would have turned to Google for information. Of course...
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    Lovely and abandoned words

    While reading a book, I sometimes happily stumble across a wonderful word, or come across a turn of phrase that was once popular, and now is abandoned in regular usage! The word I came across recently is "incredulity." I love it! What a wondeful word! I think that Victorian era fiction...
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    419 eater

    This is PURE class... For those that don't know. 419 is a type of scam where you are emailed and are told that a vast sum of money is trapped in an over sea account. You are informed that if you help by transfering the money into your account you will be given a percentage of the millions. They...
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    ... The musical

    I had a rather odd thought today. Actually I have a lot of those, but this one was book related and so I share it here. What book do you think would you like turned into a musical?! Of course we have Oliver Twist and War of the Worlds. I'm sure there are other examples. I'm thinking Lord of...
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    Flogging Molly

    I lurve this band. Anybody else know them? What do you think?
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    Looking for a SF book

    Looking for a book :) This book is set in the future where people live in individual colony domes. Each dome has it's own unique social philosophy and each dome is isolated from the others. The dome where the story is set is one where they have developed telepathy and each person is linked to...
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    Romance book covers

    This guy has edited the covers of romance novels. Pretty funny! Have a look here ... enjoy :)
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    Short Fiction by Terry Bisson.

    I stumbled across this great little short story by an author I have never heard of. It's a SF comedy, funny and original! See what you think of it :) NOTE: This story originally appeared in Omni April 1991 and was nominated for the Nebula Award. It is taken from the collection 'Bears Discover...
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    Find something new to read

    Wonder what to read next? I found this interesting idea that helps you discover new books. It's called Story Codes. Check it out and see what you think :)
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    Hey you gotta watch this short movie. It's FREAKY. :eek: The cat with hands
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    Russian Roulette

    This has a morbid fasination! Play Russian roulette with the gimp here :D
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    Small Ads from the UK

    Amusing collection of small Ads from the UK Some of these are fantastic!
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    Scariest horror movies

    Since it's Halloween... Scariest horror movies? Recently I had the pleasure of watching the Japanese Grudge 2. It scared the crap out of me! The Ring is another scare-a-thon. Especially the at the end when Salem's Lot is also up there. What's your spooky poision?
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    Happy Halloween

    Happy and spooktastic halloween to everybody on TBF :) Woooooooooooooo! :D <--my ghost impression Here are some halloween links. All of them are about zombies. Got a problem with that? If you have, I will eat your brain. Brains4Zombies ( like Amazon but for zombies buying braaaaaaains )...
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    Trouble with cut and paste

    Since we moved over to VB 3.0 I have not been able to cut and paste. I'm using Firefox 1.0.7 I can cut and paste just fine when I use IE. Anybody else having that problem?
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    Lit Web - author biographies

    Lit Web - over 500 biographies of the most important writers with our Authors Index, selected bibliographies, and the winners, past and present, of the top literary prizes since they began. Enjoy :)
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    Animated short: In the rough

    This animated short called in the rough is a fantastic short computer animated movie. If you like Pixar type stuff then you will love this. It concerns the adventures of a cave man... and his rock. Will take a long time if you are on dial up but worth it. See, it was, wasn't it? :D
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    So you want to publish a book?

    so you want to publish a book? seems a great site detailing how to get a book published :)
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    Internet timeline

    Interenet timeline is a witty look at the evolution of the internet from it's humble startings to today!
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    Laws of Anime

    Came across laws of anime whilst rambling around the WWW. I was actually laughing out loud while reading some of the "laws" of anime. If you watch anime you will probably get some smiles from it too. Enjoy :-)