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  1. J

    Harold Stephens: The Strange Disappearance of Jim Thompson

    This is book by Harold Stephens about the most famous expat in southeast Asia, whose name was really Jim Thompson. He is the guy, for those who do not know, who established the silk industry in Thailand and Laos as a major international industry. he worked for OSS during WWll in Thailand and...
  2. J

    The Door of Opportunity

    I am reading Far Eastern Tales by Somerset Maugham and my favorite story is The Door of Opportunity. It is about a diplomat in Malaya but is really about cowardice and heroism and about the difference between classes in colonial days.
  3. J

    what is wrong with society

    I have not been to US in many years, but I do sometimes see tv from there, as well as read American and British books. I also try to keep up on the news. This is what I do not understand. People seem to have strange ideas, at least to me, of what is important. Like when some movie star breaks up...
  4. J

    The Man Who Killed Satan

    I know how they operate. The customs agents watch you for the tell-tale signs of fear. Shaking hands, sweating heavily, fidgeting with the hands or the hair. Failure to make eye contact. None of this mattered to me. I have no fear. I am not brave. I just don't care anymore. In the past I...
  5. J

    Alexandra Ripley: Scarlett

    Did anyone on forum read the book Scarlett which is sequel to Gone with The Wind? Someone gave me this book but is a big long thing and I was wondering if it was worth starting up with this book.
  6. J

    Greetings and happy new year

    I love to read and I am finding the information transmitted in this internet forum to be very helpful and informative. I hope I can contribute something useful to the members of this internet forum, as well as to obtain useful information myself about literature and other subjects.