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    Colter's Vengeance - Gritty, western revenge tale

    Now available for pre-order, COLTER'S VENGEANCE. How far does a man go to put war behind him? Colter Gaines went all the way to the wilds of the frontier, hoping to set up a peaceful life on a ranch with his wife and young daughter. For a few years, he had just that, even if his marriage was...
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    The Knight and the Shieldmain, an epic poem of love and war

    Now available from Amazon, THE KNIGHT AND THE SHIELDMAIDEN, an epic poem of love and war: Quiet moments he couldn't find the day that she entered his mind, to love a rough-and-tumble girl he'd risk the wrath of his whole world... ... A better life she'd never known, or a good man to call her...
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    The Day of the Deputy- Western, coming-of-age action-adventure

    New release! THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, now available on Amazon: Stanton Brunner has always lived in the shadow of famous lawmen. His father is a respected town sheriff, his grandfather a legendary, retired U.S. Marshal. But Stan never wanted to have it out with the bandits of the world, and was...
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    Hunting the Bear, and Other Poems

    New release, now available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F13SXYT So you’re probably thinking to yourself: Poetry? People still read that? Isn’t that what musicians with no talent do to convince themselves they’re still better than the hoi polloi? Isn’t modern poetry mostly cryptic...
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    The Boys of the Breach - Multiverse military scifi adventures!

    New release! THE BOYS OF THE BREACH, now available for sale: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08783F4CK Easton Keller and Breck Everett wanted nothing more than to serve their country. But when budget cuts cause them to be 'prematurely retired' from the Special Forces, these two warriors find...
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    Tales of the Far Wanderers- Pulp adventures in a medival, dystopian future!

    Now available for pre-order: To Gunnar of the Tarn life is wandering. A half-breed with no home to return to, he has escaped the endless wars of his father’s people to drift through the vastness of a land once known as North America. Slow to trust and swift with a sword, he had resigned himself...
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    The Fallen Angel Hunters - Disgraced cop vs. Fallen angels

    Ryker Lange never expect his desire for justice would destroy his career, especially since he was a cop. But when he went after a child molester without sufficient evidence he found himself ruined, since said molester was a mayor's brother. When all seemed lost he came across a crazy man who...
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    The Fallen Angel Hunters - Disgraced cop vs. Fallen angels

    https://www.amazon.com/Fallen-Angel-Hunters-David-Welch-ebook/dp/B01H4FMWNQ?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0 After the War in Heaven, the fallen were bound to Hell for eternity…until they found ways to escape. Determined to continue the war, they and their demon offspring have set their eyes on...
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    The Gods' Day To Die...Greek Gods vs. Modern Crazy

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PM995V4 Available on Amazon, THE GODS' DAY TO DIE, by David Welch. Available in e-book, audio, and paperback. Desmond Taylor—a free-spirited loner and heir to a family fortune—didn’t mean to fall in love. But when he stumbles upon a beautiful archer deep in the...
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    Chaos Quarter...Gritty sci-fi action-adventure

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LBSP06E Available on Amazon, CHAOS QUARTER, by David Welch. Available in e-book and paperback. For over five hundred years, humanity has sprawled across the galaxy, forming fractious empires and deadly regions of lawless space. In the midst of brewing tensions...