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    What do you think of the prices of new books?

    Are they deserved? When I browse other forums and see some guy said that he pretty much never buy a book until it is in paperback. He would rather get it from the library. These days I was reading a book which was borrowed from library and happened to notice the price on it. This is a smaller...
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    Favorite female singers

    Cai Yilin,singer from China.
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    When to give up on a book

    For me.Some academic books.Oh,my god.They are toooooooo boring.I can't finished.
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    What books have you read lately?

    Books always better than movie.When it was turn into movie,it always been changed a lot.The whole book can't put in one hour or two hour.
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    Recommendation for new Fantasy Series please!

    Cassandra Clare may the best choice.I'm reading now.
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    What books have you read lately?

    I have finished what I mention in my post.Now I read Cassandra Clare.:lol:
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    Stephen King

    Ok.Some of my fav stuff from him are: Insomnia The Shining Thinner Bag of Bones
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    What books have you read lately?

    Good book.Martin Conway comes from a family filled with heroes and disgraces. His grandfather was a statesman who worked at the US Embassy in London during WWII. His father is an alcoholic who left his family. His sister is an overachieving Ivy League graduate...... :lol:enough.you should read...
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    Tell the truth.I can't really understand waht this word mean?
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    fashion pygmy? :lol:
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    E-book reader,your budget?

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    E-book reader,your budget?

    I can't understand. you mean you will sell the heat dissipation for the E-reader? What that was? I just have seen the heat dissipation for laptop.
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    Despite it looks more comfortable with the big screen,but I still choose the smaller one.It's easy and handy to carry wherever one goes.
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    Thanks for your suggestion.My friend say the kindle is not good.heat dissipation is not good.It is always so entanglements to buy electronic products.
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    Is DRM necessary?
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    E-book reader,your budget?

    Hi,guys, recently, I put the E-book reader into my shopping list. I want to know how much budget do you spend on the E-book reader ? Will you put brand factors in your consideration? Or anything else? Now, I make a comparison between these two products. 1. Sony Digital Reader Touch...
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    Academic books and texts that you're reading

    When you figure out equations's result, you will it gives you a sense of achievement.
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    Academic books and texts that you're reading

    Partial Differential Equations III: Nonlinear Equations (Applied Mathematical Sciences).But I bought it from book-wholesale at the lowest price.Happy.
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    A fine how do you do

    Do you like Chinese auhor? I can suggest some.Welcome. I'm linlin.