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  1. Phoenix

    favorite bookmark

    I have a lot of gray wolf book marks. Then I have my favorite bookmarks with sayings or quotes. One thing I found that happens is the tassels tend to unravel all to quickly. So I usually just cut them off. I have about 8 totally bookmarks to choose from.
  2. Phoenix

    Your Personal Library

    I own all of my favorite series in hard cover which equals to 50 books total. All of the rest of my books are all in paperback and that equals to about 20. I'm a big fan of donating to my local library; if I know I won't read a book again I'll donate it so others in my community are able to...
  3. Phoenix

    Terry Goodkind: Sword of Truth

    I don't want to bring up a dead section but I'd like to say that I enjoy Goodkind's work. As many other posters pointed out some of them were on the verge of stopping after Soul of the Fire. I too agree with this, I too had a very hard time fighting my way through Pillars of Creation and Naked...
  4. Phoenix

    Charlaine Harris

    I pre-ordered the set through Amazon.com, my dad talks about this show constantly. I read reviews on the books and thought I'd check it out. So far they sound very interesting unlike other Vampire Novels. I'll let you all know my thoughts as soon as I'm done reading them.
  5. Phoenix

    Your favorite fantasy series

    Favorite Fantasy Series include: Lloyd Alexander's Pyrdian Chronicles, Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy, and Elizabeth Haydon's The Symphony of Ages Trilogy. Those are my all time favorite fantasy series.