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    Shameless or not I am promoting my novel "Time in Love"

    I earlier mentioned by novel soon to be releasing in the market. I am so happy. It is like letting my baby go out into this world, for others to enjoy it appreciate it but in much less creepy way, for it is a novel. Time in Love is my debut novel and I feel like with this being a hit will...
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    I need advice..

    Hey Guys! In the locality where I live, there is often cutting of trees rather than pruning and it breaks my heart to see that. Sometimes I do raise my voice but my family stops me as they don't want any disturbance in their peaceful social life. And those who are cutting trees they are like...
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    New year resolution

    I am still deciding my New Year resolutions, haven't found anything yet. Last year I decided on writing diary everyday but the plain white pages are still accusing me of being a procrastinator. I am thinking to learn 2 foreign languages this year. Lets see how that pans out. Have you guys made...
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    Hey guys

    I am new to this forum and shamelessly here to promote my new novel 'Time in Love' that is soon going to be published. Let me know what you think of the cover page that I have attached below. :)
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    Hello to all..

    This is my very first time to get attached to any forums. I always read posts on various forums but never really got linked to one. I guess life kept me rolling around and never really gave a chance to take things one day at a time. Anyway, to whoever is reading it. Myself Pooja, pen name P.S...