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  1. Conscious Bob

    Occasional Visitor

    Occasional Visitor
  2. Conscious Bob

    James Joyce: Ulysses

    Finished Ulysses, it took some time... 732 pages while long isn't exceptional, I've read longer novels not one like this though, this is a marathon it's just so dense. It's also deliberately confusing. For me it started off as a regular story then slowly it changed into something in between...
  3. Conscious Bob

    A Man Without a Country - Kurt Vonnegut

    I haven't read any others yet and sorry for my late reply, infrequent visitor.
  4. Conscious Bob

    William Golding: Lord Of The Flies

    That's how it starts man, you read a book because you want to instead of have to then before you know it you're in the woods hunting pig.
  5. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    Very kind of you, can't think of anything PMable at the moment. I live in Glasgow.
  6. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    Not a problem, all new posts gratefully received.
  7. Conscious Bob

    A Man Without a Country - Kurt Vonnegut

    I read it in a couple of hours (I'm very slow) and it was a very good couple of hours in the company of this cheerful pessimist. He doesn't hold back, essentially we're all going down the toilet very fast and if you don't agree this book still has some hard truths for you.
  8. Conscious Bob

    William Golding: Lord Of The Flies

    Golding I think was stripping away society from the boys to let us see what they/we actually are. It's also a comment on our civilisation as society is all about survival and power.
  9. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    No but I'm a Lovecraft fan, I found the artistic interpretations of the beings/creatures inside that book fascinating.
  10. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    I see you have S.Peterson's Field Guide, loved that book.
  11. Conscious Bob

    The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos (Review)

    It is kind of weird we see ourselves as progenitors of AI, actively working to replace ourselves with machines as if we have some sort of role in the first place.
  12. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    Got your stuff yet?
  13. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    Android Tablet, Real Racing 3.
  14. Conscious Bob

    Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

    Is Mark Hamill putting on that facial expression for a laugh? I hope so...
  15. Conscious Bob

    Last seen...

    Her, a love story between a man and his computer OS. Quite a thought provoking movie especially as AI is the current hot topic in science at the moment. If a genuinely sentient artificial intelligence is created will it wish to hang around its progenitors or will it be desperate to get out of...
  16. Conscious Bob

    Random happenings/thoughts

    Finished gaming for a bit which is good because that was quite a big game. Back to reading.
  17. Conscious Bob

    Looking for interesting book where the main character has a cool power/high Intelligence.

    I answered this thread in the hope I could get a response for you but it looks like the game's moved on.