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  1. Kevin McCabe

    I need a good fantasy book with romance, please.

    This is actually one of my favourites. I always wanted to read a trustworthy review about it. Share it if you have anything.
  2. Kevin McCabe

    Let It Go! (From Frozen Soundtrack)

    Isn't that awesome?
  3. Kevin McCabe


    Fasting is a very good way to lose weight. It's also not just about diet. It's more about disciplines. Many people suggest intermittent fasting. Just make sure you have a lot of fruits and vegetable. Getting your vitamins are very vital when fasting. Especially make sure you get enough of...
  4. Kevin McCabe

    Sleepless - A poem

    Beautiful and touching
  5. Kevin McCabe

    10 best destinations in the world

    Rome, Italy. ... Bali, Indonesia. ... Crete, Greece. ... Barcelona, Spain. ... Prague, Czech Republic. ... Marrakech, Morocco. ... Istanbul, Turkey. ... New York City
  6. Kevin McCabe

    Let It Go! (From Frozen Soundtrack)

    My fav big time
  7. Kevin McCabe

    What music app are u using to listen to music via reading?

    Always classical. I also love acoustic guitar
  8. Kevin McCabe

    3 Months of Kindle Unlimited

    Is it still valid?
  9. Kevin McCabe

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone
  10. Kevin McCabe

    NETFLIX; What do you recommend to watch right now?

    Please recommend what worth watching and obviously what is a waste of time. :)
  11. Kevin McCabe

    What are some of your favorite books that changed your life?

    Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky is one of the best Russian classics. This is one of those books that you really can't drop it when you start reading it. The story really drags you. I even wrote a blog post on it. The approach, the writer takes on human's alienation from the society is...
  12. Kevin McCabe

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Listening to L'Arpeggiata - Are mou Rindineddha
  13. Kevin McCabe

    Hello to the world

    Hello to the world