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Search results

  1. J

    The Coffee Pub

    It's not quite finished, but I'd like some feedback. :) 'The Coffee Pub' Sitting undisturbed and mindless to my surroundings, I was lulled into a sense of security by the smell of rich, pure Colombian coffee. The smell of coffee invades my nostrils like the cold bitter air does on a...
  2. J

    Lost: Season 2

    So as a new season of Lost started I'm sure many people watched the first episode and I'm sure many people found it to be a great show. :) Discuss what you think is gonna happen :)
  3. J

    A Brist Walk in the Woods

    A Brisk Walk in the Woods * Updated * Still not done :) Constructive criticism is wanted :) A Brisk Walk in the Woods. It was a brisk cold winter morning, and not a soul was out, except Samin that is. Samin was out on a stroll, through the thick never ending forest, that surrounded...
  4. J


    Lost *Spoilers May Appear Quite Often* Anyone watch it? I love it and it's killing me that we still haven't found out what is in the hatch that locke keeps trying to get into. Oh well, next week is a new episode and then the finale starts. :) I can't wait.
  5. J

    Patrick Carman

    I know he is more or less a kids author, but I do enjoy his Land Of Elyon series and I was wondering if anyone else here has read "The Dark Hills Divide" the first in the trilogy.
  6. J


    I searched through the threads and could not find anything related to 24 so I decieded to make my own thread :) Anyone like the show? I love it and am so happy that Palmer is coming back into the picture :)
  7. J

    Hey Guys

    Hey guys, I just came across this website and it looks pretty good. I hope to get into some good conversations discussing some good books with the members of the forum. Just a little about myself; I'm a 16 year old from Canada who enjoys reading, writing, movies and music. I'm a big fan...