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    Umberto Eco

    So I've been wanting to read an Umberto Eco book for quite some time. I've heard quite a few people say that they adore him, but (and excuse my ignorance) I've never known quite...why. So, for all those Eco fans out there, I have a challenge for you...why do you love U.E. and which book (and...
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    Underlining: Addition or Subtraction

    I have a habit of underlining my favourite passages in whatever book I'm reading. My opinion is that underlining in books just adds to the value, and I especially love to buy a book used and find that someone else has already done the same...or even made notes in the margin. Some kind of...
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    A Belated Introduction

    I subscribed to this lovely forum a few weeks ago, and decided to be fashionably late on my formal introduction (or is it that I did not notice this section of the forums until just now...hmmm). Anyways, I have already spoken to a few of you, but to the rest of you I say 'Hello!', I look...